Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bile aku mengarut..haiih~

Assalamualaikum :)..

sekadar selingan :)..
kte men teka teki sket~:D. Yosh!! :

Sape Die??

bapaknye penah jd pelumba,
ntah kenapa teros berenti,
anak pon nak jadi pelumba juge,
tapi..berlumbe pakai kayu hoki??

4 pemuda berbaju kotak (ala2 futuristik),
merah hijau hitam n biru,
seperti polis gaya dan lagak,
swipe kad n tekan2 nombor sket, kuar la senjata tu

5 (lepas tuh 6) orang anak mude,
kuar bertarung pukul tujuh (wktu maghrib),
ntah ape salah mereka,
"censored lagu!!" RTM suruh

(soklan bonus)
nape setiap superhero berkumpulan..
mesti ade kostum kaler merah?

ade sorang mamat hebat,
pakai baju kaler kelabu (silver sbnarnye),
bile lawan makin kuat,
naga robot disuruhnye bantu

mamat ijau naek moto
ade sesungut macam belalang,
lompat n sepak lawan pon K.O,
kalao x K.O, die kuarkan pedang

(soklan bonus #2)
lepas lawan..
nape mesti resakse meletop?

mamat nih plak tinggi lampai,
datang membantu di negeri Jepang (sori, gune indo sket :p)
"shiaah, shiaah" berbunyi power x sampai,
dada berkelip, power pon datang

(soklan bonus #3)
Negara Jepon negara kaye,
tp kenapa byk resakse?

ada satu superhero ni,
1st time tayang, kat tv4 (metrovision),
bleh terbang apetah lagi berlari,
ngn tok guru miang, die blaja 'bersilat'

ade satu kumpulan lagi,
dilaknat dimaki dikeji alam,
bendera kaler putih suci
2 jalur biru ngn bintang bucu enam

amcm..ade kenal? hehe..

Achtung!! Spoiler!!:

p/s - none of the pictures above drawn by me. They might be subjected to copyright by their owners, in which i didn't name any..sorry :(.

Cheers :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Minutes :D

Assalamualaikum :)..

I'd like to share a video which will remind us (hopefully), how in the same dimension of time, lots of things can happen. While we're sleeping last night, there were people-at the other side of the world-struggling for food. While we were having a good time with our family last weekend, there were people who cried for their loved ones, who were killed in front of them. While we were watching the 'live' coverage of Ghaza, the people there were frantically finding for covers. What we simply ignore-the opportunity to use our time freely, according to our will-might be a priviledge for others. what did we use our last 10 minutes for? By Ahmad Imamovic:

Somehow, the world seems unfair. How can we live peacefully here, while our brothers and sisters are suffering. How can we simply enjoy the basics-like the water comin out of the tap-while our brothers and sisters, had to beg for the same needs. Life is unfair. The Almighty is the Most Just; spot anything contradictory :)?

Personally, that's why Islam emphasizes in believing the hereafter. Our life is a test for us, indeed. The 'joy' of living harmoniously, properously and peacefully, is also a test, and it isn't easy either. How most of the time, we failed to realize that our life in this world isn't gonna last. We focus most of our attention to the worldly matters. It's not a wrong idea to strive for the world, the problem arise when we forget the world hereafter.

We sympathized our brothers and sisters who suffered. The notion of we should be grateful that we live in such (relatively) peace country is all too common these days. But what do we do with this kinda priviledge (or rather responsibility)? Aren't we the one who lives under the cover of peace suppose to do something, at least to think something that need to be done to those so called unfortunates. Is it enough to just sit and be grateful our country is as it is today? Who, in the name of The Almighty, guarantee that the peace we had will last? What if we are someday gonna sit on the same chair as our 'unfortunates' brothers and sisters today? At that moment of despair, we heard a country keep on saying to be grateful that theirs are peaceful. What then, will we do? I'd like to share a quote from Rev. Martin Niemoller, commenting on events in Germany 1933-1939:

"They came first for the Communists..
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews...
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the Unionists...
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Unionist.
Then they came for the Catholic...
but I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me...
and by that time...
there was no-one left to speak up for me."

Isn't this what we're currently doing?

For the sake of being 'moderate', let's just accept the sayings for us to be grateful for our calm (again, relatively) situation that we're currently in. But really, when was the last time we realized that our peaceful life is also a test for us. A test cloaked under the hood of freedom, liberty and civil rights. As we will all stand before Allah and be judged.

Jz sharin my 2cents :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

xpasal2 je :)..

Assalamualaikum :)..

aku pon da terjebak same..chet..thanks to ira..huhu


7 Ciri Lelaki/Wanita Idaman Saya

- mestilah PEREMPUAN!!aku bkn gay nak list 7 ciri lelaki idaman..wuhuhu
- Muslim/interested in Islam.

- Low profile

- ade ciri2 utk jadi mak (jaoh pandangan..hoho)
- supportive, coz m gonna need it.
- cantik?stakat sdp mate memandang sudey..bukan dpt makan pon kalao cantik..huhu

- loyal

7 Lelaki/Wanita yang Pernah Saya Minati
- penah terminat kat anak cikgu English wktu darjah 1..dasat2..
- penah terminat kat junior sendiri wktu kat maktab aritu..isk..teruk2..
- penah terminat kat klasm8 sendiri..ish2..ape nak jd aku nih..(sumenye minat je..xpenah jd ape pon..huhu)

- ooh..aku penah terminat YUI sebenarnye..nih lg bengong..hahaha
- Penat la nak pk smpai 7 org..nih je cukup kot :D

7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan o
rang yang diminati
- xleh jawab..xtau..sori2..

7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama orang yang tersayang
- Any secluded island will do :).

*terpikir 1 tuh je..sori2..

7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan buat orang tersayang

- jam

*nih je y terpikir skg..m not a romantic person, I know.

7 Lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk orang tersayang
- Lagu besday
*apart from dat..nah, suara x sedap..takot gegendang telinga die retak.

TAG 2 (ini yang paling ngarut..ampeh hg ira..hahaha)

1. Take a recent CUTE photo of yourself.
2. Don't change anything, edit or whatever.
3. Post that photo.
4. Post this instructions with the photo.
5. Tag 10 people to do this


cute pic of myself? never thought of that. well, judging from the def. of cute by my mates - which i dun quite understand - everything is cute (speech, acts, etc..) - this's 'cute' to me. cam gamba kawen, tggl watak sho kene tuka ngn mane2 girl y sudi..haha. Oh no, dun worry, i'm not good in editing pics (like u should edit a pic at this distant where u can hardly see d faces..haha)

Hard to find 10 ppl to fwd this stuff - I'm a new user of blogspot - so, this's all i got:

MZMS Shahida
MZMS Sazuwi

-As we're laughing and doing our everyday stuffs, may we not forget the sufferings bear by our brothers and sisters in Ghaza and all around the world. Pray so their steadfastness lasts. Pray so their lives be the reasons of their place in His paradise. Amiin.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sorry, never meant to be rude though..

Assalamualaikum :)..

As I walked for my class this morning, I stumble across like 5-6 or 7-8 girls, Malaysian girls, under JPA I guess, coz I recognized none of em. They were like waiting for me to cross the road. Then one of em asked me, "Kat mane O'Rorke Hall ek?". Without looking at her, with no voice whatsoever, I just pointed at the building beside us, and went away.

Just when I thought my 'penyakit' with girls is already 'cured', I failed this 'test'. So, for the girls that I met jz now, and to all girls out there, I'm sorry if I'm by any chance looked like an ignorant and have no interest to what's goin on. Never meant to be rude, it just happens. Sorry.

Israel is moving away from Ghaza. Both sides were claiming victories against each other. What's happening is just an episode of genocidal maniacs in action. These lunatics don't show any sign of stopping their intent to wipe Ghaza off the map. What then will be our action in the future?

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Part of me says.. :)

Assalamualaikum :)

I sincerely don't know what to be when I grow up when I was at school. People kept telling me about engineering, medicine, erm..n dat's it. I don't see any other option other than those two. 1 day near SPM, my teacher came to our class and all of a sudden he gave this suggestion of why not be a teacher. I never thought of that, but I certainly know dat I DONT wanna be a teacher. Dunno why though. So I continued my journey as a student without any plan for the future, pretty scary huh?huhu..

After SPM, well, with my result, though it's not that good, still I'm able to apply for several scholarships, including 1 of my personal fav, Petronas. I don't know why I love Petronas back then, maybe it's the symbol of how Malaysian could also be a world player in global economy, and Petronas is a well known organization for recruiting engineers. It's like entering a whole new corporate world when you're associated with Petronas, well, that's what I thought then :).

Then my parents saw this advert from MARA. They wanna send people overseas to be teachers. I'm not into this at first, but at that time, I have this mentality of applying all scholarships that I'm eligible to. Never thought to be called by MARA for interview though. Still, my hopes are still high for Petronas.

Few months later, after series of interviews, I got offers from both Petronas n MARA. Oh how I'm glad at that time. I made up my mind to go for Petronas, at UTP. I was like ignoring the offer from MARA, not that I'm not interested to the offer, it's just my attention is more towards Petronas at that time. Furthermore, my father leaves the decision making to me, so, go-go Petronas!!

A week before enrolling into KMS (MARA enrollment was a week earlier than Pet's), I got into this conversation with my father. I'm not quite remember what's been talked that night, the thing I remember the most was he asked me of what i'll be chasing if I accept Petronas' offer (i.e. to be an engineer i'Allah). Is it money?fame?wealth?adventure?all?. If these are the things for me, he said they're just worldly, n wont last long. He doesn't want me to be preoccupied with all these all my life. He reminded me that there will be a world after this world ends. If these are the things that I wanna chase all my life, he then prefered me to live my life modestly. It's alrite not to be as rich as possible, the more important thing is to not be as poor in religious matter. He then asked me to think about being a teacher, taking the offer from MARA.

To cut the story short (the story of I don't know what to expect from IB, the friggin experience from my IB life in KMS, well, that's another story to tell..hehe :)), I took the offer from MARA. I don't wanna be a teacher, I dunno why, that's why I took my preparation programme lightly. By the time I realized my mistakes, it was kinda too late for me. KMS certainly thought me a lot. The spirits the teachers gave for their students, how the teachers struggle to teach us in English, the passion and the will to help us, really hit my brain somewhere, that I thought to myself, I wanna be at least in par with em. That's when I really wanna be a teacher. To me, a teacher doesn't only teach formally, a teacher shapes his students, a teacher guides his students, a teacher is like a mentor for his students. A teacher is a teacher. The scope of the word teach shouldn't be restricted to the formal activities in class. Teach is a rich word, that only a person without enough understandings, would, unfortunately, underestimate a person called teacher. Only a person without enough awareness on how big and heavy the responsibility he bears, would underestimate his 'work' as a teacher, and give bad name to this profession.

Well, apart from that, people asked me, why do I want to continue this programme (to be a teacher). I told em that I owe a great debt to MARA. This is somewhat my way to return their favour. This is one of the ways which I can directly contribute towards Islam and my fellow nation. It's somewhat sadden me to know that there're people in this programme still don't have the passion to be a teacher. This programme is like a stepping stone for their 'future'. I don't give a damn on your plannings, really, just don't underestimate people who are willing to devote their lives into this profession!

Do I have any other plans for my life apart from teaching one might ask. Well, I'm a MARA product, what else do you expect? "Keusahawanan Kerjaya Pilihan" :). I'd love to be involved in agricultural sector. From veges to livestocks. I wanna contribute to the society; provide jobs, and to be an active contributor for Halal products. My long term target is to erase all the uncertainties our fellow muslims had for the existing products. So that we don't have to worry no more as the foods we had will be Halal and good (halaalan Toyyiba). That's why I'm very happy if I heard there're Muslims who involved in this sector and succeeded :). May His blessings and wealth be with you, amiin :D. How do I achieve this dream?well, let's just let this dream be a dream, FOR NOW, for I don't quite have enough resources and knowledge to make the dream a reality. I pray so Allah give me the opportunity to realize this dream, amiin :). There's a thin line dividing a dream and an ambition, with enough will and effort, your dream is already becomes an ambition and on its way to be a reality, i'Allah :)

Let's pray for our brothers and sisters who're oppressed in Ghaza and all around the world. Let's pray for the world to be a better place to live. Let's pray so all these prejudice, racism, and brutal mentality away from us. Let's pray for Allah to show his guidance to all of us, and for us to be guarded from the hell fire. May all the people who died in Ghaza accepted by Allah as His matyrs. May those who live in Ghaze be granted with Allah's will to survive and the strength to fight for their rights. Amiin :(.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza Protest , Auckland, 100109

Assalamualaikum :)

Yesterday I attended this rally protesting what's happening in Gaza right now. More than 500 people (3News claims more than 800 people) involved in this protest. The protest went peacefully, starting with speeches by activists, Green Party leader, and by our local Imam at Aotea Square, then a march for about 1 km along Queen Street towards the US Consulate at Customs Street, and ended with the symbolic shoe-throwing towards the consulate building. The protest was organised by Justice for Palestine, Palestine Human Rights Campaign, Global Peace and Justice Auckland.

If we can assemble in the name of humanity, why can't we unite in the name of Allah?

The organisers suggest 5 ways to help the Palestinians:

1) To attend this kind of protest.
2) To support Free Gaza Movement
3) To sign petition: GAZA: STOP THE BLOODSHED
4) To boycott Israeli goods
5) To send a message to NZ's Prime Minister, to condemn the Israeli bombardment of Gaza (

Okie, enough of the formal report, this is my point of view for the protest. It's a relief for me to see that there're many people who support the Palestinians, as I used to believe that only Muslims and Arabs will take serious of the matter. It shows that, this aggression doesn't only matter to Muslims and Arabs, this overboard military action by the zionist against the Palestinians also matters to all. It's not just about religion or region, it's about humanity. The killings of civilians, of women, children, the olds, are totally unacceptable, but how funny still is argued. There are still lots of people believe that Israel is just protecting their land from rocket barrage by Hamas (home-made rockets that is). Well, these ignorant, history-blind, naive, and most probably zionist, cannot be reasoned with. They shut their eyes from searching for both stories of what's happening in the middle east. Even if they did, the facts will just fall on their prejudiced mind. The argument of Palestinians should respect Israel's sovereignty as an independent state? Please, we have our own limit on how stupid we can be.

Thanks to the Iraqi reporter, this has become a new phenomenon

My advice, stop being ignorantly spoon fed by the media, use the brain and your common sense, with some history knowledge, and please, watch some documentaries regarding to the sufferings of the Palestinians, of which they're not just traumatised by wars, but also ethnic-cleansing. And tell me, why should the Palestinians, whom house torn down, whose husbands, wives, children, parents killed in front of their eyes, whom their land forcefuly taken by the zionist and developed into housings for the so-called settlers, should respect their 'sovereignty' just because their state is 'legal'? Please, this stupidity, insanity isn't acceptable, really.

Though yesterday's march was dominated by Muslims and Socialists; though we have different visions, different ideology, our mission is the same: To kick the zionists ass out of the Palestinians land!Enough is enough!

burn-n-stomp: uncivilised activity?compared to the butchery in Gaza, this is nothing

Let us pray so Allah reward His courage to our brothers and sisters in Ghaza and all around the world to protect their rights. To seed fear into our enemy's heart. Let their long lives be the reason of their unprecedented sufferings in His eternal flame of Jahannam. Pray so Allah make them see His light, and together help to reduce the sufferings of Muslims all around the world. Pray so Allah forgive all our sins, our incapabilities to help our brothers and sisters, pray so Allah accept our tiny effort to help them. Pray so Allah put his mercy into our brothers and sisters heart, so they would forgive us for not doing anything while they're being oppressed, seing their family members slaughtered in front of their eyes, losing their homes and land. May His Mercy also made all those who died in the 'battlefield' of Ghaza as His Martyrs. Amiin :(.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Stop The Massacre in Ghaza

Assalamualaikum :)..

There'll be an assembly in Auckland regarding to this matter tomorrow (Saturday, 10/01/2009). As what Sh. Rafat said in his khutbah Jumaat earlier today, we need to express our concerns towards our brothers and sisters in Ghaza. This slaughter isn't only condemn by muslims, also by general public, for this is insanity in action. No matter who we are, I humbly think that we all agree this is a genocide, well, unless we're that naive and easily brainwashed to believe this is just another so-called war against terror.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

SIlat2 Sket~ :D (2)

Assalamualaikum :)

This post is the continuation from the previous post under Silat2 Sket label. I'd not translate the post as I'm afraid the context and the intended meanings would be differ from the original post. Bear in mind the material from this post's taken from an e-book called SIKAP PENDEKAR - Fahami 20 Perkataan Ajaib Menjadi Pesilat Terbilang. This post is intended for educational purposes only. This post also serves as a promotion towards the understanding of Silat for readers. Cheers :).

"Pendekar ialah insan yang berilmu, beramal dan berkemahiran
dalam ilmu persilatan pada zahir dan batin berteraskan adat seni budaya Melayu bersendikan syarak, menggunakan ilmu di tempat yang betul demi kebenaran dan keamanan dengan jiwa yang tenang serta berketerampilan berlandaskan semangat kesatriaan yang luhur" - Tuan Guru Haji Anuar Abdul Wahab

1st word: Insan

Manusia atau makhluk berakal iaitu sebaik-baik makhluk yang diciptakan Allah. Dengan kebijaksanaan akal, manusia berupaya hidup sejahtera bersih daripada noda dan tidak menyembah selain daripada Allah yang Maha Esa.

2nd word: Berilmu

Memiliki pengetahuan, berakal, kepandaian, kepakaran dan kebolehan. Ilmu adalah hasil minat dan usaha belajar, pengalaman dan mengkaji dengan akal yang dianugerahkan Allah.

3rd word: Beramal

Melakukan sesuatu pekerjaan yang mendatangkan kebajikan atau faedah kepada diri, masyarakat, agama, negara, alam dan Penciptanya. Sebaik-baik amalan adalah dari hati yang suci dan ikhlas kerana amal itu adalah buah ilmu.

Oleh itu, bersihkan atau sucikan hati terlebih dahulu sebelum melakukan amal kerana amalam dengan hati yang suci dan ikhlas seumpamanya dapat mengelakkan hambatan nafsu dan syaitan

4th word: Berkemahiran

Cekap, pakar, terlatih atau ahli dalam sesuatu pekerjaan dan dapat menjalankan tugas dengan teratur, lancar dan sempurna,

5th word: Persilatan

Ilmu seni mempertahankan diri bangsa Melayu. Di dalamnya terdapat gerak, kaedah dan muslihat penggunaan senjata atau tulang empat kerat untuk menghadapi secara berseni dan saintifik.

6th word: Zahir

Semua perkara luaran, tubuh, fizikal atau sesuatu yang dapat ditangani oleh pancaindera dan logik. Silat pada zahir bermakna segala gerak dan kaedah yang dapat dilakukan dengan anggota tubuh badan

7th word: Batin

Kepada diri sebenar manusia ialah nyawa, jiwa, hati atau roh yang menghidup dan menggerakkan manusia. Ilmu batin boleh dibahagikan kepada tiga jenis iaitu jenis batil, syirik dan haq.

Ilmu batin haq berlandaskan tasawuf membentuk hubungan telus antara insan dengan Allah yang berkekalan dengan makrifat dan hakikat serta mengamalkan syariat Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. berlandaskan Al-Quran dan hadith dengan inayahNya dianugerahkan iman, laduni dan mukasyaf.

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p/s: I rea
d in utusan online today that 48 were dead bombed by those damn zionist regime. Damn those flesh hunger and blood thirsty SOABs. Damn them, damn all of em equally!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh UBS..oh UBS..oh oh oh!!!

Assalamualaikum :)..

This is exactly why I shouldn't go to a book shop, this is why :(.

the title is to be blame rite..not me rite?'s the title's fault makin my pocket suffers even more..huhu~

p/s: I made myself clear that I'm condemning those zionists bastard. I got nothing personal against the Jews, it's even unfair to me for us to blame the whole Jewish community to be responsible for the massacre. Though there're people who claim anti zionism = anti semitism, the heck with that, I'm still holding my stance that a Jew and a Zionist are 2 different beings. So, damn those blood thirsty morons for messing with my brothers and sisters! May Allah forgive my rudeness in expressing my views against those mentally challenged war-hunger zionists, amiin :(.

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1st day of Summer Semester 2009 :)

Assalamualaikum :)..

Today (06012009) marked the 1st day of my summer school class :). History 103G.

Introductory class, introduction to global history. The question of whether the Europeans had always been dominating the Earth. The question of if there should be an empire more superior than the Europeans'. Just m
y thing, juz my thing :D :D. I'm gonna love this class, I pray, I hope, and I should..huhu.

This's what I learn today :). Well, the lecturer talks fast, loads of points in his lecture but not as much time to memorize and write all those. I wish my memory is as good when I was in my lower form..haiih.

There is never 1 story of the past. History is highly affected by historians, depending to which historians you're talking to. History could sometimes be selective; historians would take parts of the past, and compose a story out of it,
pretty darn rite?

History isn't objective. On one particular event, there could be many interpretation, depending on which side of historians you take your history from. For example, the West colonisation of the East. Our history might be a way for our historians to convey their ideology. 1 thing for sure, the past is much more complex than any history account could count for.

This's all for the introduction. We also learnt today how the Chinese Empire had been superior in term of economy, armed forces, and so much more. But my today's post would be focusing on the philosop
hy of history itself. :). So I think this is it for today :). Ah ye, the lecture also mentioned bout how great the Malay seafarers were. Their knowledge of the sea that contributes to economic growth of pre 15th century era :). How glad am I to hear that :). The Europeans had not always been the superior empire that dominates the Earth, it's our historians made us to look that way :).

Cheers :)
'welcome gift' for my 1st day of class this year..hehe..interesting..ade refreshment tu..hoho

p/s : Don't think I'd forget the cruelness of those blood thirsty being of zionists towards my brothers and sisters. I still condemn your lunatic, irresponsible, ruthless act. Allah's guidance be with whomever He please. May we become one of them. Amiin :). Those morons will pay for their act. Allah is the Most Just. Those bloody bastards wont laugh long, not forever.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aku & Mimpi...

Assalamualaikum :)..

About 2 days ago, I had this strange dream. It's not a strange thing for me to have a strange dream, but this time, this strange dream somewhat makes me ponder things a lil bit more. I dreamt of being sent into hell. Erm, I dunno how to describe the feelings back then.

1st thing 1st, I felt like this should be a dream, but seing hell itself, I mean, to dream that you're in hell is a hope that you're not actually in one. It's a hope for someone who's sent to hell (I hope my point is digestible..erm). I remembered of hearing it from a kuliah that Hell is the supreme set of torture. You're not just tortured physically, but also mentally. It's also a torture for someone who's sent to hell believing that he/she is only dreaming, hoping that the torment isn't real. Well, back to my story. I'll try my best to remember my dream.

I had this so-called 'tourist guide' guiding me through hell. I was sent into a room of like 30 people, with greenish surroundings. She (I think it's a she) brought me to see the hell. I saw a 'thing' (it's a giant figure of a man-like creature) holding this big and fiery 'sebat' (i dunno what's sebat in English, pardon my weakness..huhu). The 'thing' looked at me as if I'm his next victim. At that very moment, I think I can handle it becoz I think I'd be dead by the time the first hit got me, and that's it. But then, my tiny brain told me that I won't be dead in Hell, so I'll suffer the torment without a dying body :(, and that freaked me out.

Walking through 'hell' made me thirsty, and I was nearly asked for a drink before I remembered that in Hell, the only drink ya'll get is boiling pus. I refrained myself from asking for the drink. Then, this frightening thought rang, "How long more could I hold my thirst?". I won't die, I'll thirst to, well, i can't even describe of thirsting till death but you're not gonna be dead :(. It's the feeling of you got nowhere to go. There's no place called home anymore for me to get a drink afterwards. The earthly-life has ended and I'm in Hell. I dunno how to describe that feeling. It even comes to you to ask to Allah to give you another chance, but you remembered, in the Holy Quran, Allah has warned us that people will ask for another chance, but they would be given none. It's the feeling of ultimate hopelessness, where you got no one to hold on to :(. The fright can't be describe by words. It's that thing of you have to first-handedly experience to understand :(. The analogy for me is simple, here on earth, we could simply say how a poor man lives. He hardly get any food, he works so hard to earn his meal. But we won't really understand the situation unless we're inside the poor man's shoes!

The thing I remembered from the dream was also the thought of I don't remember being dead. My last account of memory was I was ready to sleep. It's like, our Ustaz and Ustazah always remind us to prepare for our death, and well, how many of us really take that seriously. What I felt in that dream was, it was a little too late for me to ponder those words :(. I can't remember anymore than that :(.

What I do remember was the feeling when I opened up my eyes that morning :(. I dunno how to describe the feeling. 2nd chance? I dunno. I woke up that morning being soo much grateful that it's not my 'time' yet. I got scared that I want to remember the dream for every second of my life, so that I wont dare to do any violations against Allah's law. But we're merely humans, and it's our nature to forget things, including this 'big' dream of mine. That's why I write it down so it serves as a reminder for me in the future.

Well, people always say to fear Allah's hell fire. It's more than a reminder, I hope we can all grasp and take action on the advice before it's too late. I'm not a good person, but I certainly don't want to end up 'there'. It's not worth it for us to be at the same place as the Pharaoh, and all those sinners mention in the Holy Quran for our 'little' and preventable sins :(. Death is inevitably real. But how much have I prepared to face Izrael when the time comes? Well, even I am afraid to admit it :(.

p/s : We're all gonna be in front of Allah on the Day of Judgement. There're loads of questions will be asked from us. If Allah asks us, what do we do to help our brothers and sisters all around the world who had been slained, raped and tortured? what can we offer as our respond? It's Allah the All-Knowing. We can't cheat or play with words with Him. It's our deeds that counts. May Allah forgive our limited reaction towards our brothers and sisters suffering all around the world. May Allah know how much inside us, we'd really want to damn those war mongers! Those friggin zionist!!May our brothers and sisters forgive our minimum effort to help them. amiin :(.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009



I'm preparing to gear up myself as the summer vacation nearly ends (well, for me, n for those doing summer school :p).
I'll be doin History 103G (which for no good reason i kept confusin myself with History 101G) this summer semester.

The class will be starting on the 6th of January till mid February.
The schedule is quite loose as I'll be taking only 1 subject for the semester.
And for that, I really, really, highly, hope that with this kind of schedule, I could score this paper as I'll be focusing on only 1 paper, i'Allah..yosh!!amiin :D.
All d best for all who'll be struggling with me this summer semester!!
yoooooooosh (pjgnye..hahaha)!!

p/s : As we're all doing our business, let's not forget the sufferings our brothers and sisters had to bear in Ghaza and all around the world. Damn those Zionists! Damn those who support them!

"Supporting the Palestinian people in Gaza is a religious duty on every Muslim individual according to his capabilities, and no one is exempted from that duty" - Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

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