Saturday, May 16, 2009

How's it Goin, Mate :)..

Assalamualaikum :)..

It's been another long interval for my post (haiih..)..
Been quite busy with the courseworks, studies and sleep :p
(malas nak update blog cakap je la :P..)
and with little realisation, the exam is getting nearer. (XM mode..ON :D)
well, I hope this semester would be a good semester for me and everyone..amiin :D

Lot has happened recently, from global scale, to national and individual (which is me la :p).
From the swine flu pandemic (including the myths and the panic it has caused), to the ruckus (rather circus) in Perak, and my personal struggle this semester.
Time goes on and hopefully so do our growth (physically, metally and spiritually i'Allah :))

The Southern Hemisphere is getting ready for its winter season
(For those who even care to know :p, the seasons are opposite to each other for the Nothern and the Southern hemisphere :)). For I've not been back for more than a year now, I've completed my 4-season cycle here.

It's a nice experience to see how the season changes, especially for us, Muslims :).
From Subuh as early as 0300 (well, assuming the daylight saving is off), to Subuh as late as nearly 0600. From Isya' as late as 2130 to Isya' as early as 1900.
(tho the changes is not as dramatic as some other places, still, it's a nice experience :)).

For those who care, I'll be back in Malaysia for summer holidays by the end of this year i'Allah :).

It's been a pleasure for the time I've spent here. Learnt a lot about life (not to say I've learnt enuff :)), bout being independent, the respect for others, mainly due to the difference in culture and perspective and lots more :).

I'll remember this for the rest of my life i'Allah :), and try my best to bring back the good stuff i've taken here for the benefits of our people i'Allah :). Isn't this amongst the purposes I've been sent here :).

This month is officially my 'pokai' month. I surrendered my savings to gain the flight ticket home. Well, It's not a bad investment, I reckon, rite :).

For those who continually, and without any doubt (hopefully :p) supported and trusted me, I can't thank you guys enuff. Thank you :)

Finally, I hope the world would be a better place for all of us. Be it politically, economically, health, and last but not least spiritually. Amiin :D

Cheers :D :D