Monday, June 15, 2009

To Whom it may Concern :D :D..

Assalamualaikum :)..

I got another report of how sombong I am outside (da lame da dapat sbnarnye..hehe)..

The next time you saw me with my earphones fixed into my ears, not wearing specs, chances are I'll pass by 'ignoring' you. And don't be fooled, even sometimes when I seem to be looking at you, the thing is, I can't tell who you're @ a distant of bout 10 metres or more (w/out specs of coz, rabun da makin kuat :( ), especially towards the girls of my batch.

Here's my situation:

"erm..bdk batch aku ke tuh..x nmpak la plak..erm, pandang lame2 kang kate aku nak ngorat plak..abaikan je la"..


sorry :D :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Book reviews :D :D..(..??buang tebiat ke hape)

Assalamualaikum :)..

Yosh..Will do some book reviews (pictures will be added later i'Allah, such a snail speed internet service rite now, dang!) to loose up my mind :D :D.

These are some of the books I bought in the past few months period. Well, to be honest I don't quite read em all yet. But I'm sure they're all equivalently good and interesting (well, @least to me, kalao x xde la beli kan :p)


I bought this book bout 2 months back, directly from Malaysia. Written by the late Tuan Guru Hj Anuar Abd Wahab (may His mercy be upon him), the Guru Utama of Seni Gayong Fatani Malaysia. I've met him in person to complete my research bout Silat (back in the old days of MRSM) to know that this is one book not to be missed. From the history of the development of Silat in Malaysia, the philosophy of Silat, to its curriculum. I immediately recognized the value of this book (tho I admit my sense of evaluation isn't dat good, but I'm glad I trusted my instinct this time :D). Basically, this book is published for Silat enthusiast (no matter how good or bad ur in Silat, or even for non-practitioner), and it's a great book to read if you're interested in the, as I said earlier, development of Silat in Malaysia. Mantop :D.


The book by Peter J. Bentley discussed the history of modern mathematics, and its affect on our lives. He showed how mathematics acts as a universal language for us to explain the behavior of our surroundings. The ongoing studies by modern scholars taken from the Greek Philosophers, Muslim scholars, Indian and Chinese matematicians make mathematics as a unique discipline which crosses the boundary of language (which is why I said it's a language of its own). From the simple explanation of why we can't divide things by zero, to the complex world of quantum mechanics. How mathematics which has been (and is used for centuries, and its never ending (and interesting..) voyage has made its impact on our lives. A great book, personally, for all (science-bound students especially), as an eye-opener (and brain-expander (ade ke term nih..haha)) on things that we 'deal' everyday in class, that mathematics isn't just a collection of hard-to-understand (sometimes not-understandable) theorems and philosophies. It's the symbol of our curiosity, which is dealt seriously. The symbol of our search to find the utmost knowledge possible acceptable by our small and still-under-study brain :D. The prospect is infinite. Mathematics is indeed a great gift from Allah to mankind :D.


Finally, my latest collection. I bought this book from the University Book Store (UBS) bout 2 weeks ago. A very interesting indeed. The author put forth his collection of interesting facts, brain teasers, and lots of other stuff bout mathematics. For example, the speculation on why there's no category for Mathematics in Nobel Prize award (hehe..just so you know :)). Basically the book shows that there's a world more of mathematics than those we learn (which is arguable, whether we truly do) in class. Another great book to be read.

Yosh!! (why do I care reviewing these books, when I should be studying?huhu~)

adieu~ (ala2 YUI plak..hehe)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keciklembut (or lembu?) Vista Hisap-Hisapan!!

MICROSOFT VISTA SUCKS!! (just a friendly reminder (share of experience) of how..well, suck Microsoft Vista is :D :D)

Opened firefox, Yahoo messenger, some Microsoft Words document, and basically that was it when the PC froze. Waited for several seconds before my conscience told me to cold restart the machine (by holding the power button for a few secs). A menu appeared asking to scan the PC.

**Repair Windows (yes)

**Microsoft loading logo (ok..)

**black blank page (ok..)

**black blank page (lalala..)

**black blank page (erm..will get something to eat + watch the tele)

**black blank page (after 30 mins??)

**black blank page (another cold restart (what else kan..))

**Last Known Good Configuration option (enter..)

**Microsoft loading logo (plz work..)

**black blank page (plzz..)

**black blank page (bugger!!)

**another cold restart (hancur pc aku..ampeh)

**safe mode

**loading files (erm..)

**loading crcdsk.sys (erm..)

**crcdsk.sys (great..stop working after another 30 mins)

**surf the net, checking forums for any hint (turns out to be a common problem amongst Vista users. Still, no concrete solution. Thanks Microsoft!!)

**Tried almost everything (booting from Vista DVD, even XP cd, check disk using Ubuntu, editing BIOS settings, booting with just using 2 GB of RAM, disable network, disable this and that, re-enabling things, leaving the PC on overnight, even talking slowly to the PC, none works, thanks)

**repeating the procedures and other efforts to revive Vista with no vail (there goes my time when I should be studying for the exam..)

**2 weeks and counting..(Damn Microsoft!!)

**2 weeks and counting (hello Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope :D :D)

So long :D :D

p/s - hehe..xleh gune bahase baek2 sket ke?

Sometimes Knowing When to Stop is an Advantage :D :D

Assalamualaikum :)..

Examination Month. Well, at least for beings like me (whose paper starts on the 1st day of exam and ends on the last, sentreng). So far 1 paper down (so long electronics, for now..huhu), and 3 more to go. Will have my taste of Geophysics this becoming Monday. Hoping everything to go well i'Allah, amiin.

Lots of stuff happened this semester. I appreciate everything I've learnt (thanks :D), both inside and outside the classroom (and labs..) realm. Not a good ending of the semester I might say (non-academic). 2 'blows' in one exam period isn't a nice thing to experience. Puzzling attitude and a shocking news, that really kept my mind full for a while. Still, I do think I can take more i'Allah (tho hoping not to have another 'blow' anytime soon..hehe).

When things seem too good to be true, chances are they really are”.

I know it sounds pathetic to cryptically blog bout your misery, thank you. I do realize I'm knocking the door of becoming a loser even harder. But heck, If there's anything I've learnt about letting go, keeping things to yourself is a big NO-NO.

Yosh, finally, all d best to all candidates. Be it students from AU, AUT and all around the world who share the same 'festive' period as ours. Well, another semester has gone, making it a semester less towards graduation (i'Allah), and towards leaving this place. I'm gonna miss this place much. The people that entered my life, and the experience I gained. I can't thank you guys enough, not to mention to thank Allah for giving such an opportunity to be here.

So long :D