Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation Pom Pom Pom :D :D

Assalamualaikum :)..(fuuh fuuh~ byknye sawang blog neh..huhu)

This post is dedicated to the graduates of University of Auckland class of 2009. I'm not good with words, have long lost touch producing good arguments and essays. So, congratulations to all graduates :D :D, whether or not you guys made it to the graduation ceremony, the fact you guys were once here that matters. All the memories and hardships, the fun and sad moments, bla bla bla.. (being lazy to describe :p). Celebrating Aidilfitri together away from home, struggling together to finish up seemingly endless course works, the same face I see everyday..haha. You guys are the best, only second to my own family. If only people can just read minds, so I don't have to write lengthy words just to express my gratitude. Well, you guys are totally irreplaceable!! You guys make Auckland feels like Kajang to me, even better. I really am hoping that I won't forget the memories here, well, I'm an expert at forgetting things, unfortunately (sigh~). So brain, if you can hear my thoughts now, please, don't forget this.

To Imran, Abah, Luqman and their band of engineers, Safwan and the gang of educators, Nizam, Meor, and many more. Congratulations!! May this success by no means stopping you guys from achieving more :). Yosh!!

p/s – Living in Auckland somehow made me realizes no matter how much we love this place, no matter how much memories it represent, we'll have to someday return to Malaysia (or we can definitely stay, that's another unrelated topic to discuss :p). Seems time has no regards of who we are, and we're totally bounded by its rule, no matter how much we want it to stop and would really want to enjoy the time here without much regrets or the fear that this will all end. At the end, a visitor needs to do what he do best, leave. The same can be said about life in general, rite :), because that's who we really are, visitors to this wonderful planet we call home :). wallaweh~ :p