Monday, June 20, 2011

(|= (|= ~tekS modnaR

Assalamualaikum :D

Sometimes I do feel like screaming that I’m so happy for no apparent reason. Just want to share that I do enjoy my life now (Alhamdulillah :D :D). I enjoy teaching!

I’m tired. They call me to come to school at odd hours. I’m supposed to remember @ least around 100 names (per year). I need to prepare for my lectures. Need to prepare for presentations. Need to attend courses. But hey, I enjoy every single drop of my sweat. I enjoy teaching my students. I enjoy expressing myself in class. I LOVE MY JOB!! (Other than the writing reports part la =p ).

People sometimes do complaint that we don’t enjoy overtime allowance, tho we do work overtime, all the time. I say it’s a bless coz I don’t have to count my deeds. I’m not just saying this to comfort myself. I sincerely think this is a very good chance given by Allah to make me a better person, to do everything for Him alone i’Allah. And sincerity doesn’t at all refrain you from enjoying your work, kan :D :D

Alhamdulillah :D :D!!

Teaching rocks!

P/s – Current song: Hey Jude :D :D

p/p/s – the sweetness of a new teacher’s passion. Hope the passion remains, amin :D :D

Just sharing my RM0.02 of randomness :D :D