Sunday, October 9, 2011

Failure2 Sket~ :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

I have always wanted to tell my students every time they complained about their low marks I gave them this:

“I want to let you experience failure for I believe that to be a very good experience. You should never expect your success rate to be 100% in your every attempt in whatever you’re doing in your life. I have no problem whatsoever in failing you. I do believe that you will at some point of your life fail in doing something. It’s the experience of how to handle failure is important. You can do your best in everything, but not everything is what you’re expected them to become. I think school is the best place to experience failure. There are no real consequences, just raw emotion of failing at something. You should experience failure so you know how it feels to fail, so you would try your best not to fail, and even if you do, you know how to handle failure. Failure should be celebrated as the norms of life. Life is full of risk. Experience teaches us what risk should be taken and which should be avoided. Calculated risk is not the same as pure gamble of luck. You should expect to fail, then only you would prepare to face your failure, if failure awaits. Failure is one way of telling that you’re not going the right direction. Fail now so you won’t fail when it matters the most, even if you do, you know how to handle them. As people say, prepare your best, expect the worst.”

I know this sounds a little (little??) preachy and dramatic. That’s why I wrote it here instead of telling this to my students. I’m not good at telling this verbally, I would die laughing instead, hehe.

If you call me ‘cikgu’ and you’re reading up to this paragraph, mark this post somewhere in your little fat between your ears.

Just sharing my 2cents

Cheers :D :D

p/s : I am a cruel teacher..wahaha

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ngaja2 Sket~ :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

When I was still in my university years, I used to think about what’s the best way to teach physics to my future students. When I was interviewed by MARA, I told them personally that the best way to teach students physics is to let the students ‘feel’ physics. Let them explore and let them learn from their mistakes and show them how physics is one of the knowledge that give them the space to be creative and try to explain the universe and how it works. Ideally I planned an environment where the students are free to dig the subject, plan their own experiments, and ultimately have the ability to deduce. It doesn’t have to be the right explanation, as long they’re comfortable to share and discuss their ideas, that’ll be just fine. I’d like to make an environment where the students feel safe to pour their thoughts in my class. Where their views are respected and sharing ideas is one of the main elements in my teaching.

How my ideals were quickly crushed, well, not crushed but I quickly realized the challenges, when I started my career as a teacher. I have learnt physics much that I have immersed myself into an ideal world. Just a quick explanation, in physics, we deal mostly in a controlled environment. I could do the stuff I want in my 1st paragraph of this post, but I have to celebrate the fact that I need to appreciate the external factors that influence my teaching profession. One of the factors I left out from my equation of teaching students physics was time. At the end of the day, I have to prepare my students for their exams, which will prepare them for their SPM. I have to complete the syllabus in time no matter what. We could argue about the exam-oriented policies all we want, but that’s not my main point right now.

Another factor which I regret taking out is the students’ understanding of the subject. I assume the students will all understand the things I say to them the first time they hear them. How easy I forgot how I was as well a student who didn’t have a clue on what’s my teacher’s blabbing in front. I have as well need to take into my consideration that for example in a class of 25 students, there will be students who are quite advanced in their understanding of the topic that it’ll bore them to death if I reduce my pace to cater the students who have difficulties in understanding physics. Not that I feel the students who are quite slow in understanding my teachings to be a burden to me, rather I find those students to be the most interesting as I was in their shoes when I was at school and I’d like to see the happiness in their faces when they finally grab the concepts I wasted (invest maybe?) my saliva on to explain in my class. As I pay my attention to this type of students, the advanced should never be discriminated upon. That’s the challenge. We’re are not at all the same, and I have to give my attention to everyone in my limited space of time, and my physical being, as one man.

* sometimes I do think teaching as an art. Both an art to convince people and to make your audience understand what you’re ‘selling’ and an art of producing this:-

Basically, that’s how the world runs. We can plan all we want, but the randomness still there. The best we could do is to consider as many circumstances as we can and plan on how to tackle the situations. At the end, I’m a human being who could never estimate everything the chaotic world throws at me. It’ll be tiring and sometimes not worth the time spent. That’s why to me personally, the planning is not everything, the way we handle the issue when it arises is also important. That’s something we can brush on. It’s a skill that comes from experience, sometimes from the experience of others. Problems are not to be ignored, they have to be faced. We won’t get full if we don’t eat, as well we won’t have experience if we don’t face our problems.

Tu dia ayat :D :D

Just sharing my 20 shared-by-10-students cents

Cheers :D :D

Monday, October 3, 2011

What to Love :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

I listened to this song by Lo, “Operator”, while I was driving one day. I used to not to listen very well to the song but 1 part of the song really spoke to me that day. The song was about a guy who fell in love with a girl, but somehow she changed and he couldn’t really accept the changes in her, as the lyrics suggest “…you broke all the was inside me..”.

Question is what is really there to love?

I used to think about this when I, as a normal human being had a crush on someone, which was years ago (2 days before the dinosaurs extinct to be exact, and still the most bitter way of understanding the world I ever had..). I liked this girl very much that someday I thought about what’s in her that I really want, that I really want to be connected to? Sometimes love is not something you can control. It just happens. The Sun is not something we can control of its existence, it’s just there for us to utilize once we realized how to use the energy released by it, so does love.

If we love someone for his/her attitude, well, that’s not going to last, as people do change. If we love someone for his/her beauty, well, that will never going to last as well, as our definition of beauty will change, same goes for wealth, intelligence, and so on. So what is there to love? What is love? Why are we ‘burdened’ with this uninvited ‘guest’? When I say burdened, it is a burden both when your love is not accepted and even when your love is warmly welcomed by the other party; they’re both heavy for the unprepared.

People say to love for Allah. This is my way of loving for Allah. This might sound stupid, but, it’s how I picture it. Whenever I liked someone for example, I used to draw this line of me connecting to this person and the line continues to Allah. (Pardon the quality of the drawing, super amateur in action).

When I have this mental picture of loving for Allah, one of the advantages is I realized that everything is from Allah, and everything is for Allah. Even if we met the person we truly love, and we’re not the only ones feeling that, and we managed to somehow live with that person, as mortals, we must prepare for the loss of our loved ones (that if we’re not the one answering Allah’s call first). When I have this mental picture of loving for Allah, I know that ultimately, the person I love the most is His, and that person would forever be His, and He borrowed me the pleasure of knowing and living together with this person. Love is not like Hindustan movies. I will try my best not to be bound by love. I will try my best to remind myself that ultimately, only Allah is the one who’ll be there, whenever, wherever, and whatever. The love he borrows, only as a tool to perfect us as human beings, which its existence we shouldn't deny, and hopefully not a tool I would use to bring upon His wrath on me and everything and everyone I care for.

Just sharing my 2cents

Cheers :D :D

p/s – I do wish of marrying someone who could live without facebook. Last thing I want is our private life to be posted on a frequent basis.

p/p/s – … is that p/s necessary? wahaha

Price-less sket~ :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

I was driving back from Penang to KB when I saw, well, not actually saw, but about 2-3 minutes late from an accident in action at Lebuhraya Timur Barat, around Banjaran Titiwangsa. Smoke rose from the scene which involved a Waja and a motorcycle. I don’t think anyone survived that event. The traffic stalled for about ½ an hour or so and I kept thinking about how devastating the accident was.

Just after passing the scene, I was still thinking about the accident, for the next 5 minutes. After that my attention was back on the road (which what I was supposed to do as a driver). That lead me thinking of how insignificant we are. We think our lives worth everything the sky and the earth can throw at us, but we tend to forget that the world won’t stop spinning, the Sun won’t explode, and even businesses won’t close their deals just because we’re no longer functioning as a human being. But we love to think that we’re the most significant beings and sometimes belittle others just because we see them not as our equals.

Death is a sarcastic comedy. We appreciate the fact that we’ll die someday. We know that we’re mortals. And we even know our average lifespans. But crucial yet very important information held from us is when and how are we going to face our destiny. If life is an equation, death is its constant. It’s no use living out life if we don’t know the crucial constant that matters. We can only guess from experience, we can only guess from symptoms but we cannot be so sure of the exact date or exact event that will lead to our own destruction.

Is what we’re doing right now worth it? If so, how can we be so sure? Have we looked at others who seem very confident with their way of life which we don’t share the same view with? Have we compared with others not the message we’re holding but the actions we’re taking when we firmly believe that we’re holding the truth? Is what we’re doing really worth it?

As someone who believes that there’ll be time of resurrection, I sometimes see life as a cruel drama. “You follow us, or you’ll be condemned to eternity”. When I look at others who share the same view as me but not necessarily the same direction, the rule of the game looks similar.

People might say I should be pitied for not able to make my own decision or even question the road I’m taking. To me, one of the greatest gifts given by the Almighty is the ability to think, the ability to choose right from wrong. The ability and courage to question our way of life before it’s too late. Answers come from questions. We have passed the period when we’re supposed to follow without fully understanding. At the end of the day, we’re responsible for our actions. At the end of the day, we’re responsible for the road we took, and we should use the time given to find out whether what we’re doing is worth our life, before it’s too late.

From dust to dust, and we are surely one heck of an arrogant type of dust.

Just sharing my 2cents.

Cheers :D :D