Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sir? Teacher la :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

Short story on my experience as a new (untrained) teacher

Why teaching suits me (as for now)?

I love giving out my ideas and thoughts to others and teaching satisfies my needs to do so. My new environment also gives me the liberty to be whomever I want, without people (well, not explicitly at least) undermining and looking down on me. The last thing I need is people question (read: look down) why I do things, when the only reason they ask is to make you feel stupid, and not to help you improve yourself.

To be or not to be?

My first day of reporting myself to this school, the Academic’s Vice Principle told me that we (read: teachers) punch in our cards on 0730 and punch out on 1430. Sounds fair enough, aye (aye?..wahahaha)? Well it’s enough to say that 0730-1430 is just a teacher's official working hours, believe me, the unofficial ones weigh the same (if not more). If anyone thinks a teacher’s job is a boring one, well sir, I beg to differ.

Being a teacher (so far..) is very tiring. Tiring in the sense of lots of stuff to be done every week and little that you know, the week just ended and you need to complete certain tasks for the next week. To be more dramatic (from my own experience), you keep on working that you forgot that that day was a public holiday, and you need to come to work (early) the day after, and you wonder, when was the last time you were resting. A teacher must be a good multi-tasker. You don't only teach, you escort your students for their never-ending activities. You're their supervisor (clubs, projects, just name it), whether or not you're good in that area. If you're good, than good on you, if you're not, then, time to use all your available resources to learn. Now, don’t get me wrong, just because I said I’m tired, doesn’t mean I don’t like my job. I LOVE MY JOB!! :D :D.

Teaching is a progressive profession. You do something new each and every day. You teach the students something new and even if you use the same materials for the week, your audience would never be the same. Teaching promotes creativity, for the teachers and students alike. Teaching (so far), suits me well!! You got to love the children to be a teacher. You got to love your audience to be a good presenter. You got to be well prepared to present your ideas/materials to your audience, and that my friends, is the satisfaction in teaching, for me :D.

I can babble for hours about physics to my students. I can relate physics to real life all I want to them. I can promote curiosity to my students. You can try all you want, but you cannot force your students to understand you. You can make the subject interesting, but you can’t make them all understand your ideas. Sometimes you are too eager to present that you forgot that they don’t have a clue on what you’re talking about. That’s a good challenge, to make the students feel the subject as you’re, and when they do, that’ll be my greatest moment as a teacher :D :D

All’s well, or is it?

I love teaching, and I just realized I only love teaching. A teacher is not just hired to teach, they do lots of other stuff as well. My all time weakness, writing reports, is also included in the package. Daily lesson plans, weekly lesson plans, and many other reports which I’m not exposed of yet, might as well kill me. Well, moaning won’t make it better, so, like it or not, here I come :D


Teaching rocks!

Just sharing my 2cents

Cheers :D :D

p/s – I have totally lost my ability to write =(