Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goodbye: PPSMI (for now, at least) :D :D..

Assalamualaikum :)..

The government just decided to 'return' the language of the teaching and learning of science and mathematics (PPSM) from English.

  • One thing for sure, the amount of people opposing the implementation of PPSMI are as great as those who support the notion.

  • My stand as for now:

    • Be it in English or Malay, I'd do my best to deliver my future responsibility (i'Allah) for the sake of Islam i'Allah :D.

    • Arguments at this (i.e. our) level will bring more confusion and won't solve anything.

    • I have no intention to argue nor to debate upon this matter. Any discussion/share of knowledge as to make things clearer is however most welcome and highly appreciated :). It's my hope to have a discussion where people are trading their ideas with the respect for others. The respect of others ability to think and decide, and the respect for their ideas to be heard equally.

I pray for the best of my people i'Allah. Amiin :D :D

Cheers :D :D