Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ktak..Bom (Murphy's Law in action)

Assalamualaikum :)..

23 December 2009


Received an order from bapak to buy a new cooking gas cylinder (wasn't the current one jz bought bout a week ago? No matter..)


Since I'm in no mood of cookin, and the fact that I can survive for a day without eating, I decided to buy that cylinder a lil bit late. Went to the grocery and order a cylinder


The grocery guy came with the cylinder. Was going to replace the old cylinder with the new one. “funny, the current one seems to be still heavy..”. [Malay McGyver Mode: ON]. After a few amateur-like inspection, I found the 'issue'. There's this turner on the hose connecting the cylinder to the stove. It's completely closed. So I turned it anti-clockwise to turn it on, so the gas could flow. Heard the gas hissing, and I said to myself, “that's the problem”.

Seemed to me I'm right. lit the stove and the fire came out. Then the fire went smaller before it went off altogether.

“Erm, I jz need to turn the knob (the turner that needs to be turned anti-clockwise..) even more”. I turned off the stove and went to watch some tv, knowing what the 'problem' was.


Knowing there's no problem with the stove, I decided to boil water to make Milo. “Ktak, Ktak” the stove flickered but no fire. “Ooh, the hose..”. I turned the knob anti clock-wise, all the way, knowing that when I turn the knob a little, the fire jz came out for a short period of time.

Heard the hissing. “Great, the gas is flowing..”. Turn the knob on the stove, “Ktak..Kbooff”. There's this big fire. Not that shocked at first, coz I thought the fire would subside. It took me jz about 1 second to convince me I'm wrong. Tried to turn the stove off. Then the knob on the stove came off. Literally. My sister watched in horror. I asked for some powder, (coz it would be stupid to pour water on the stove, there still traces of cookin oil left..). The powder did some good. Well, you can say no good at all, coz the fire was too big. Now, with this situation, even a moron wouldn't stay. So I went out of the house, with the fire still burning on my stove.

My little sister went to my neighbour's house. I ride my motorcycle, went to the nearest school, asked the guard for any fire extinguisher. The rain started to fall, I wore no helmet. The rain started to fall heavier, how dramatic. Good timing, hehe. Back to the guard, she said the school don't have any that she knew of (what??!!) . She asked me to ask the school office. I said I had no time. She offered me her cellphone to call the emergency service.

Lesson for all: On cellphone (in Malaysia), the emergency number = 112, not 999.

Thanks makcik :D :D

I dialed 112, and there's a beep, then the line went off. Great.

Lesson #2: If you can find a public phone, better use the public phone and dial the emergency service.

I found 2 public phones, tried to dial 999, heck, the public phones not workin.

Lesson #3: Public phones suck. Well, the ones who make the public phones suck, suck more.

Went to the nearest grocery, borrowed their phone to dial 999.Thanks Pacik kedai

Lesson #4: It's better if you could remember the phone number of your local fire department. That would save time.

After all that hectic, all I can do was wait. The agony of expecting the kitchen to blow, while at the same time you hope nothing would happen, was indescribable. Mind you there were 2 gas cylinders in my kitchen. 1 fully loaded, the other bout half. With big fire around, what else do you expect. Oh, 10 minutes has passed since the first fire.

To cut long story short, the fire engine arrived about 10 minutes after the call. It's a relief. They went inside and put off the fire. By this time, the fire was up to the ceiling. And the smoke, well, all I can say is, the deadly fume of melting stove, isn't a good thing to breath with. Fortunately, there was nothing around that can spread the fire even more, but the gas cylinders.

I asked the firefighter bout the cylinders, they said the cylinders were designed not to blow on this scale of fire. It will only explode when the outside temperature reaches 1000-2000 degrees Celsius. This fire juz now, was juz a baby (hehe, I add this myself :p). Well, baby or not, that really got me. Thanks Hollywood for showing every single fire with gas cylinders around, spells explosion.

Lesson #5: No matter how careful you are, when something bad is about to happen it just will. Just preparing not to cause something bad isn't enough, we also have to prepare for the worst.

Lesson #6: Accidents wont just happen on the news. If we're not ready enough, we will be the news.

Lesson #7: Fire extinguisher isn't a bad investment.

See all those wires? Scary huh..huhu

Thank God nothing bad happened :D :D, other than the experience. Well, it's a quite nice experience actually. Not everyone had this happened in their own house other than watch it on the news happening to others.

Thanks to everyone for your help. Thanks to my neighbour for giving the first shelter to my lil sis. Thanks to my other neighbour for entering the house with his fire extinguisher. Thanks all :D :D.

Jz sharing my experience. Cheers :D :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Right? Nee? Meh?

Assalamualaikum :)..


It's been a very d very very n beri2 while eh :p..

I watched this morning talk show on RTM this morning, something bout the happiness of marriage. The thing that caught my attention was not the topic (well, I'm not an RTM fan anyways..), it's the way its guest talk about the topic. I only watched a small portion of the show when I decided to change the channel. The thing is, there were 2 presenters for the talk show this morning, a Muslim guy and a non-Muslim woman. Yes, I wanna talk about religion-related stuff a little bit. How the guest showed a little consideration towards how he talked. He was talking bout Adam and Eve. How they were created, and so on.

1st thing is, the story was a bit, I dunno, unconvincing? When I said unconvincing (Islamic related), it's something that I never heard of before, and the guest never cited his source(s). I mean, it's a national TV program, if what he said, was not right, the wrong idea of Islam will be passed on not only towards non-Muslims, but also to Muslims.

Secondly, the thing that quite got on my nerve a bit, was his insensitivity towards the non-Muslim presenter. He was saying something bout how a woman was given the blessings of the instinct of a mother on the moment she's officially declared as someone's wife. The problem was, he gave that description in term of Islamic point of view, and he was like forcing, people to agree with him. It went something like this:

“On the moment the husband declared his akad (the declaration of agreement on something, in this case the marriage), the wife will cry. This is because Allah put His mercy and blessings to the woman; the instinct of a mother. Am I not right(and he was asking the presenters, both of em, and to the viewers)? I guarantee this. If you don't believe me, just look at all other newlywed couples when the husband do the akad. If the wife's not dropping her tears, then something is wrong”

This joke-like statement made me somewhat uncomfortable, as I saw the female presenter's reaction. Even if the presenter didn't show any reaction, I'll still feel uncomfortable as I personally think it's not the right thing to do. How can we 'force' people to agree with us, on something that seems to be hypothetical, especially, when it comes to faith-related issue? When the Holy Quran itself stated that there's no compulsion in religion[HQ 2:256]. Then who are we 'forcing' people to agree with our non-cited, unbacked claims?

And we shouldn't be prejudice, should we? Just because the bride didn't wet her eyes, doesn't mean she's not normal, or something is not right, right? We are not that desperate to make people believe in us such that others who witnessed something other that what we claimed, to be from out of this world, are we?

Everyone makes mistakes, and so do I. In fact, I do lots of 'em, hehe. It's just that, there are some things that really get on my nerves. The lack of tolerance towards others who are different than us is one of them. Sorry if my post this time sounds a bit emotional, hehe. It's not easy to satisfy everyone eh? Just simply don't, it's plain impossible :D. He was saying what he wanted to say, and so do I. Freedom of speech in a non-abusive manner, how sweet :D.

It's been a while since my last post, yes?waah!!

Well, I got a lot of things to write, just don't have enough writing skills to let me post anything (laziness is one of em, thanks..hehe :p). And I think if I got nothing good enough to post, better for me not to post at all, ne?

Jz sharing my 2cents. Cheers :D :D


    • I wanna take this opportunity to congratulate all of my friends who are ending their bachelorhood this holiday season. Just to name some, Mus'ab, Musa, Tono, and to all of you guys who do the same la :D :D

    • Congratulations to Abang Aliem and Kak Husna for their newborn baby. Born as a Kiwi, raised as a full-fledged Muslim i'Allah :D :D

    • My deepest condolences to Kak the for her loss. It may not physically seem to be long-lasting, but it surely seemed to be ended after u guys did it the right way. May His blessings be with you, your late hubby, and your family i'Allah. Amiin.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fast, Faster, Fasting..(vroom vroom??) :D :D~

Assalamualaikum :)..

I'll start with some standard intro for Ramadhan :p..

Alhamdulillah, here we are still able to breath and enjoy the most anticipated month in Islamic calendar. The month which contains a night that's equivalent to a thousand months (approx. 80 years..wallaweh~) (HQ 97:03). The month where all the doors of heaven are open as wide and the doors of hell shut as tight (ref.). The month of, well, to summarize, the best month of all months :p.

This is my second unfortunate ( la :p) year of celebrating Ramadhan abroad. Fortunately enough, here in Auckland, especially in CBD area, it's not difficult to pay your responsibility as a Muslim :). It's even just a matter of whether or not you want to offer your tarawikh prayer in congregation (unlike in other places that I heard of, it's even hard to find another Muslim). There's a small (compared to the number of Muslims here..but hey, it's a good place :)) room provided by the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) acts as masjid :).

This is a very very d very very good opportunity to know other Muslims from other part of the world better. For example, We have our iftar in a big tray shared by bout 9 persons per tray, and consists of brothers (well, in brothers pov of course :p) from all range of backgrounds and origins :). What's the use of eating together without trying to know each other, right :).

This year's Ramadhan celebration falls at around the end of winter. So, we're (i'Allah) approximately observing our fast as long as those in Malaysia :).

That's all I can think of right now :).

Tho it might be a little late..

“Happy Ramadhan to every Muslim all around the world.” -bom bom..kebabom (firecrackers sfx :p)-

May we gain the maximum benefit possible from this once per year festive season :). May we're blessed enough to meet the Lailatul Qadr. The night = 1000 months :) :).

Oh, and may we forget not bout our brothers and sisters who already strive a bit harder than us to keep on living. Well, this is a good time (not to say the only time..) to help 'em out right :). YOSH!!

Cheers :D D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Prepare to lose :D :D?

Assalamualaikum :)..

This is the sequel of my laptop's journey on a step further towards destruction (, no..I love my lappy..). From my previous post bout how my laptop suddenly crashed and unable to boot, Ubuntu has been the main operating system since. I still do plant some faith for Vista to revive and for everything to be normal, but the wait fruits nothing. So last week I clean format the PC to install Ubuntu to be my main and only operating system. The plan was to clean format the PC and to reinstall Vista (still can't let loose the dependency towards microsoft products..haiih..). Unfortunately the plan didn't go quite well. The PC didn't recognize Vista installer CD (great..huhu), and..yeah..Ubuntu stays.

The main point here is how it took me several weeks to finally determined to clean format the laptop, and to let go all the data (I put my very best effort to back them up of course..) and the factory settings of the laptop. It feels quite hard for me to let go of something, as I tend to keep everything though they're sometimes (well, nearly all the time..) just my excess baggage. To cut the story short, I feel quite good after reformatted my baby. Seemed to me I had a new opportunity to rebuild (aka mess) its 'interior', and somewhat I felt the burden of thinking bout all those 'excess baggages' gone for a while (well, at least till now..).

Lesson learnt?

We (well, for the likes of me at least..) should learn to let go. We (the same category as before..) tend to keep all the stuffs, problems and whatnot as we feel that they're somewhat precious and have their own values. The thing is, nothing is valueless. Just because they (things, persons, burdens, etc) enter our lives, doesn't mean they have to stay. Learn to let go and you'll be glad that you do i'Allah :D :D

Don't be afraid to try new things and to depend on something or someone we don't familiar with. The saying “Tak kenal maka tak cinta” doesn't go for nothing. Just because it seems like everyone's using Vista (same goes with XP, Seven, etc..) we are not that confident to try alternative operating systems (yes..Ubuntu isn't the only one..). The truth is, there are lots of people out there who have already paved the way for us. Just because everyone's doing things in one particular way, the alternatives are not totally unacceptable. Learn to open yourself towards change. The world isn't static. Energy is conserved, but entropy always increases i'Allah (1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics..hehe :p). Change is inevitable, but not everything can and should be changing. Choose wisely, learn wholeheartedly :D :D.


Cheers :D :D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goodbye: PPSMI (for now, at least) :D :D..

Assalamualaikum :)..

The government just decided to 'return' the language of the teaching and learning of science and mathematics (PPSM) from English.

  • One thing for sure, the amount of people opposing the implementation of PPSMI are as great as those who support the notion.

  • My stand as for now:

    • Be it in English or Malay, I'd do my best to deliver my future responsibility (i'Allah) for the sake of Islam i'Allah :D.

    • Arguments at this (i.e. our) level will bring more confusion and won't solve anything.

    • I have no intention to argue nor to debate upon this matter. Any discussion/share of knowledge as to make things clearer is however most welcome and highly appreciated :). It's my hope to have a discussion where people are trading their ideas with the respect for others. The respect of others ability to think and decide, and the respect for their ideas to be heard equally.

I pray for the best of my people i'Allah. Amiin :D :D

Cheers :D :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

To Whom it may Concern :D :D..

Assalamualaikum :)..

I got another report of how sombong I am outside (da lame da dapat sbnarnye..hehe)..

The next time you saw me with my earphones fixed into my ears, not wearing specs, chances are I'll pass by 'ignoring' you. And don't be fooled, even sometimes when I seem to be looking at you, the thing is, I can't tell who you're @ a distant of bout 10 metres or more (w/out specs of coz, rabun da makin kuat :( ), especially towards the girls of my batch.

Here's my situation:

"erm..bdk batch aku ke tuh..x nmpak la plak..erm, pandang lame2 kang kate aku nak ngorat plak..abaikan je la"..


sorry :D :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Book reviews :D :D..(..??buang tebiat ke hape)

Assalamualaikum :)..

Yosh..Will do some book reviews (pictures will be added later i'Allah, such a snail speed internet service rite now, dang!) to loose up my mind :D :D.

These are some of the books I bought in the past few months period. Well, to be honest I don't quite read em all yet. But I'm sure they're all equivalently good and interesting (well, @least to me, kalao x xde la beli kan :p)


I bought this book bout 2 months back, directly from Malaysia. Written by the late Tuan Guru Hj Anuar Abd Wahab (may His mercy be upon him), the Guru Utama of Seni Gayong Fatani Malaysia. I've met him in person to complete my research bout Silat (back in the old days of MRSM) to know that this is one book not to be missed. From the history of the development of Silat in Malaysia, the philosophy of Silat, to its curriculum. I immediately recognized the value of this book (tho I admit my sense of evaluation isn't dat good, but I'm glad I trusted my instinct this time :D). Basically, this book is published for Silat enthusiast (no matter how good or bad ur in Silat, or even for non-practitioner), and it's a great book to read if you're interested in the, as I said earlier, development of Silat in Malaysia. Mantop :D.


The book by Peter J. Bentley discussed the history of modern mathematics, and its affect on our lives. He showed how mathematics acts as a universal language for us to explain the behavior of our surroundings. The ongoing studies by modern scholars taken from the Greek Philosophers, Muslim scholars, Indian and Chinese matematicians make mathematics as a unique discipline which crosses the boundary of language (which is why I said it's a language of its own). From the simple explanation of why we can't divide things by zero, to the complex world of quantum mechanics. How mathematics which has been (and is used for centuries, and its never ending (and interesting..) voyage has made its impact on our lives. A great book, personally, for all (science-bound students especially), as an eye-opener (and brain-expander (ade ke term nih..haha)) on things that we 'deal' everyday in class, that mathematics isn't just a collection of hard-to-understand (sometimes not-understandable) theorems and philosophies. It's the symbol of our curiosity, which is dealt seriously. The symbol of our search to find the utmost knowledge possible acceptable by our small and still-under-study brain :D. The prospect is infinite. Mathematics is indeed a great gift from Allah to mankind :D.


Finally, my latest collection. I bought this book from the University Book Store (UBS) bout 2 weeks ago. A very interesting indeed. The author put forth his collection of interesting facts, brain teasers, and lots of other stuff bout mathematics. For example, the speculation on why there's no category for Mathematics in Nobel Prize award (hehe..just so you know :)). Basically the book shows that there's a world more of mathematics than those we learn (which is arguable, whether we truly do) in class. Another great book to be read.

Yosh!! (why do I care reviewing these books, when I should be studying?huhu~)

adieu~ (ala2 YUI plak..hehe)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keciklembut (or lembu?) Vista Hisap-Hisapan!!

MICROSOFT VISTA SUCKS!! (just a friendly reminder (share of experience) of how..well, suck Microsoft Vista is :D :D)

Opened firefox, Yahoo messenger, some Microsoft Words document, and basically that was it when the PC froze. Waited for several seconds before my conscience told me to cold restart the machine (by holding the power button for a few secs). A menu appeared asking to scan the PC.

**Repair Windows (yes)

**Microsoft loading logo (ok..)

**black blank page (ok..)

**black blank page (lalala..)

**black blank page (erm..will get something to eat + watch the tele)

**black blank page (after 30 mins??)

**black blank page (another cold restart (what else kan..))

**Last Known Good Configuration option (enter..)

**Microsoft loading logo (plz work..)

**black blank page (plzz..)

**black blank page (bugger!!)

**another cold restart (hancur pc aku..ampeh)

**safe mode

**loading files (erm..)

**loading crcdsk.sys (erm..)

**crcdsk.sys (great..stop working after another 30 mins)

**surf the net, checking forums for any hint (turns out to be a common problem amongst Vista users. Still, no concrete solution. Thanks Microsoft!!)

**Tried almost everything (booting from Vista DVD, even XP cd, check disk using Ubuntu, editing BIOS settings, booting with just using 2 GB of RAM, disable network, disable this and that, re-enabling things, leaving the PC on overnight, even talking slowly to the PC, none works, thanks)

**repeating the procedures and other efforts to revive Vista with no vail (there goes my time when I should be studying for the exam..)

**2 weeks and counting..(Damn Microsoft!!)

**2 weeks and counting (hello Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope :D :D)

So long :D :D

p/s - hehe..xleh gune bahase baek2 sket ke?

Sometimes Knowing When to Stop is an Advantage :D :D

Assalamualaikum :)..

Examination Month. Well, at least for beings like me (whose paper starts on the 1st day of exam and ends on the last, sentreng). So far 1 paper down (so long electronics, for now..huhu), and 3 more to go. Will have my taste of Geophysics this becoming Monday. Hoping everything to go well i'Allah, amiin.

Lots of stuff happened this semester. I appreciate everything I've learnt (thanks :D), both inside and outside the classroom (and labs..) realm. Not a good ending of the semester I might say (non-academic). 2 'blows' in one exam period isn't a nice thing to experience. Puzzling attitude and a shocking news, that really kept my mind full for a while. Still, I do think I can take more i'Allah (tho hoping not to have another 'blow' anytime soon..hehe).

When things seem too good to be true, chances are they really are”.

I know it sounds pathetic to cryptically blog bout your misery, thank you. I do realize I'm knocking the door of becoming a loser even harder. But heck, If there's anything I've learnt about letting go, keeping things to yourself is a big NO-NO.

Yosh, finally, all d best to all candidates. Be it students from AU, AUT and all around the world who share the same 'festive' period as ours. Well, another semester has gone, making it a semester less towards graduation (i'Allah), and towards leaving this place. I'm gonna miss this place much. The people that entered my life, and the experience I gained. I can't thank you guys enough, not to mention to thank Allah for giving such an opportunity to be here.

So long :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How's it Goin, Mate :)..

Assalamualaikum :)..

It's been another long interval for my post (haiih..)..
Been quite busy with the courseworks, studies and sleep :p
(malas nak update blog cakap je la :P..)
and with little realisation, the exam is getting nearer. (XM mode..ON :D)
well, I hope this semester would be a good semester for me and everyone..amiin :D

Lot has happened recently, from global scale, to national and individual (which is me la :p).
From the swine flu pandemic (including the myths and the panic it has caused), to the ruckus (rather circus) in Perak, and my personal struggle this semester.
Time goes on and hopefully so do our growth (physically, metally and spiritually i'Allah :))

The Southern Hemisphere is getting ready for its winter season
(For those who even care to know :p, the seasons are opposite to each other for the Nothern and the Southern hemisphere :)). For I've not been back for more than a year now, I've completed my 4-season cycle here.

It's a nice experience to see how the season changes, especially for us, Muslims :).
From Subuh as early as 0300 (well, assuming the daylight saving is off), to Subuh as late as nearly 0600. From Isya' as late as 2130 to Isya' as early as 1900.
(tho the changes is not as dramatic as some other places, still, it's a nice experience :)).

For those who care, I'll be back in Malaysia for summer holidays by the end of this year i'Allah :).

It's been a pleasure for the time I've spent here. Learnt a lot about life (not to say I've learnt enuff :)), bout being independent, the respect for others, mainly due to the difference in culture and perspective and lots more :).

I'll remember this for the rest of my life i'Allah :), and try my best to bring back the good stuff i've taken here for the benefits of our people i'Allah :). Isn't this amongst the purposes I've been sent here :).

This month is officially my 'pokai' month. I surrendered my savings to gain the flight ticket home. Well, It's not a bad investment, I reckon, rite :).

For those who continually, and without any doubt (hopefully :p) supported and trusted me, I can't thank you guys enuff. Thank you :)

Finally, I hope the world would be a better place for all of us. Be it politically, economically, health, and last but not least spiritually. Amiin :D

Cheers :D :D

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Vs. Aidilfitri :)

Assalamualaikum :)..

Reading the newspaper (NZ Herald - Traffic Warning - Stay off the Roads) today made me chilled. The news basically reported the traffic congestion in the long holiday of Easter which is to be expected this weekend. Here in New zealand, apart from Christmas+New Year holidays, Easter holiday is one of the most anticipated holidays. Comparable to Aidilfitri holidays back in Malaysia.

The news of the traffic jam isn't anywhere near shocking to me. The one thing that really got me was the fatal accidents occured yesterday. They claimed 5 people were dead on the road yesterday (and I think it's the nationwide death toll). 5 people loss on the road was quite a big number, as on the last paragraph of the article the author includes a statistics of Easter death toll from 2007; 6 in 2007, 9 in 2008 and 5 up to last night.

I do some googling (yes, google is a verb :p) "kematian kemalangan jalan raya musim perayaan", and I opened harakahdaily webpage, and the news quite disturbing somehow. Not from their political PoV, but from the number of fatalities they recorded on the 1st day of Ops Sikap 12 in 2007 (it's been 12 years the govt lauches the Ops Sikap till '07). There was 25 death toll on the 1st day of Ops Sikap. Nearly 3 times as many as the highest number of deaths for the whole Easter holidays in NZ. It makes sense then the claim that I heard somewhere (which I heard, not listened. a.k.a. I can't remember where I got the info though :p) that 1 of the major preventable death causes in Malaysia apart from health diseases, is road accident. Which is absolutely not a good news to share, and somehow puzzling. Our roads standard isn't bad
(if it's not excellent, compare to the roads here in NZ..hehe), we got a better highway system (apart from the payment of course :p) with places comfortable and safe enough to rest. Still, the fatality rates keep on rising, in the festive seasons especially.

Maybe there're factors which I don't take into account when talking about the road accident rates in Malaysia. Most of the accidents didn't occur on the major highways (PLUS, LPT, etc). The road condition isn't as good outside the major highways. Holes, unproper signs (sometimes confusing, even in the highways..haaih), and the attitude of drivers (which is why they call the operation Ops Sikap).

The public road isn't a good place to show off your skills, to realise the techniques you learnt in Need for Speed, Burnout and dozens more titles. The public road is the place for everyone to use with confidence that they can get to their destination without any worries. It's frustrating to know that there're people who suffered from the accidents which is caused by others insolent way of driving. The responsibity and the respect of others lives should be implanted in the minds of these drivers. They're not just hazarding themselves, but also others who tried their best to keep their family safe in their journeys. Just because you are confident that you'll be safe, doesn't mean you can drive recklessly on the roads as we don't perceive the situation on the roads equally. Bear in mind that we're not all born to drive and be cool on the roads as Karamjit Singh or Muhammad Hafiz (hehe..).

Lesson Learnt:
Drive safely, respect others lives, enjoy the holiday :).

Juz sharin my 2cents :D
Cheers :D :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3rd Sem..yosh :D :D!!

Assalamualaikum :)..

It's been a very d beri2 while since my last post. It's already the end of the 1st half of the 1st semester 2009. Dun wanna keep my blog 'bersawang' for a long time. Got lots of stuff to share, lots of thing to say, too tired and too busy to write. Oh, lets also blame my mental-block illness in writing for not updating the blog (that is, if there's someone who actually cares about me updating my blog :p). It's been already a week of a 2-week holiday for Auckland Uni. students (yahoo!!(what kinda hols with lots of asmnt and lab reports to write huh?..haha)), so I'll try my best to take this opportunity to update the content of this blog. I'Allah :). So to break the ice, I'll talk a lil bout my papers this semester. Yosh!!

I'm doing 4 papers this semester, and oh..all physics. Erm, physics is not a physics (so far..) unless you're immersed (voluntarily or forcefuly) into the realm of labs. Oohh yess..the labs. I got 2 3-hour labs per week and 1 3-hour lab fortnightly. So, I got this lab craze every 2 weeks, where my week will be filled with 3 3-hour labs (terbaek kan..huhu).

PHYSICS 211 (Analytical Techniques in Physical Sciences 3):

One serious class to substitute Maths 253 and Maths 260. This is basically a Maths course, taught in a physical science point of view. So you don't have to prove theorems for no apparent reason (in physics PoV of course :p). This is the smallest class for me so far, 15 students enrolled for the class, bout 13 appear regularly for lectures. We're gonna endure one 3-hour MATLAB lab fortnightly, 8 assingments, and finally 2 tests. Why do I took the chances of taking the course which no one tried before? Well, 1stly, obviously I'd wanna avoid Maths 253. 2ndly, I'd wanna reduce the burden for next semester for this course also equivalent to Maths 260, which I have to do next semester. 3rdly, to teach myself the sense of independence, try to do something which no one did before, hence, try not to depend on others so much. Wish me luck :).

PHYSICS 213 (The Geophysical Environment); Physics 230 (Materials and Waves) and Physics 240 (Networks and Electronics):

Nothing much to say bout these courses, they're precluded in our 'schedule' prepared by the university. The interesting part for Physics 230 and Physics 240 is, unlike 1st stage Physics (e.g Physics 150, 120) stage 2 physics labs don't depend on the course per se (do I use this word correctly :p?)(i.e. you're not assigned to different experiment for a single subject (240 and 230)). You do the same lab for both papers. The only thing is, maybe there's an experiment or two which you are required to do in order to pass the paper (this info is especially intended for our physics juniors..take note :) ). Oh, as I'm doing physics 230 and physics 240 in one semester, I'd have to do 2 lab sessions per week (1 session = 3 hours). So, there goes my weekdays. The training to become a physicist (be it a physics teacher, or wherever that may require my service later :) ). Oh..regarding the subjects which I intended to sacrifise this semester..erm..
Physics 230 and Physics 213. 2 out of 4 subjects isn't a good decision kan. So..waahh!!gotta strive for all subject la camnih..yosh!!

p/s: Thanks to Sho, the one responsible for introducing this heart touching memories of high school song to me (ooh I'm not gay jz becoz I say heart touchin yeah..huhu)

AKB48 - 桜の花びらたち2008 (Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008)

Cheers :D :D

Ngarut2an Dari Internet ~ :D

Assalamualaikum :)..
m goin away 4 a moment from my study desk, n my dear assignment (yes, assignment(s)..on d 1st week of skola..haiih~). Surfin the net, readin ppl's blog, and I found this from Shahida's. How funny I wont feel sleepy doin this test, unlike bout 5 mins ago, while doin my asmnt..hahaha. So, this's d result and my comment :D. Yosh~!!:

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties ( efficient problem solver?).

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people (Somewhat yes). You don't judge a book by its cover (sometimes..), so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style (Definitely..!!). This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes ( to others??).

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person (gotta finish d studies n work 1st la..huhu). And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might see that person (Will I?).

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive (am not so straightfwd..melayu le katekan), so you will find yourself with plenty of dates (Plenty of dates? Ramadhan. Ramai org baek sedekah kurma kat surau..).

Your views on education

Education is very important in life (No doubt!!). You want to study hard and learn as much as you can (There's a big chasm dividing WANT and WILL..I want? yes!! will I? That's gonna need a lot of effort..yosh!!).

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income (So rite :D). Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life (So rite :D).

How do you view success:

Success in your career is not the most important thing in life. You are content with what you have and think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working (haa? correct correct!!).

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear (No Comment).

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice (waah..dasat2..hahaha).
People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues (zat so?). Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve (I humbly agree..huhu).

Test taken from here.

How great is Allah.

He created the universe, which revolves according to His will, unaffected (in a bigger aspect) by our insignificant (relatively) being.

How great is He, The One who created the universe which moves beautifully and continuously, even when we sleep.

How great is He, Who don't need any time to sleep nor rest. He, who always exists.

He, Who owns all the knowledge and powers.

And we, are His servants, who strive to even know ourselves.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aiseh..Salah Akaun la Kak :p..

Assalamualaikum :)..

There's a story of this guy, who was approached by this beautiful young lady. He was then asked, in a provocative way (somewhat..hehe), "Why tudung? Not all the 'tudung'ians (i made up this term :p) are good. There're loads of them who were as bad or even worst than those who didn't wear them" (wallaweh~). This guy looves~ givin analogies. To him, it shows the extent of his understandings towards the situation.

He somehow remembered an analogy given by brother Shah Kirit in a talk he attended while he was in college. A brother asked brother Shah Kirit, "Why a good non-muslim, who lives his/her life sometimes better than a muslim, being the best ever friend one could ask, the best ever kid parents could ever dream of, and being such a good human being, be sent into hell, while he/she's only slack was JUST not acknowledging the deity of Allah and Muhammad as His messenger?"

Brother Shah Kirit replied (summerised version :p):

"There's a person who saved a big chunk of her salary in a bank account for the benefit of her future. Who each and every month tried her best to discipline herself to keep her budget tight. Who endured the hardship of living with small expenses, just for the sake of a bright future. She deposited the money each and every month, and never missed a single month to do so. By the time she wanted to withdraw the money, to enjoy her savings, to her shock, her bank account was empty. "What's the problem?" she asked. Well, it's eventually came to her knowledge that the account she used to deposit the money, was not hers. All these years, she put the money into a wrong account!! How then could she enjoy the money she painstakingly saved..rite?" (*ignore technical issues from this analogy :)). The person in this story, couldn't use her savings, instead, suffered the consequences, JUST because she put her money into a wrong account.

Back to the issue of aurat, with a bit of twist from the analogy (my version :p..yosh!!):

"There's a person who wanted to save her money into a bank account. She created an account with a bank of her choice. Like most of the people (including me..), she hardly read the terms and conditions. "As long the moneys are safe" she thought, so do most of us :p. Unlike the previous story, she make sure she put the money into the right account. Sometimes, she saved more than any of her colleagues do. By the time she wanted to withdraw the money, she was shocked when she recieved her bank statement. She looked at the bank statement with mixed feelings, as the figures printed in the paper was much less than what she expected to gain. She read a letter attached to the bank statement:

"We are sorry to inform that your money has been deducted every month to pay the penalty fees as you keep on breaking the terms and conditions of our bank.""

Lesson learnt:
1) Do remember to choose the right bank.
2) Do remember to save in the right account.
3) Do read and understand the terms and conditions of the bank of your choice.
4) Try our best not to break the terms and conditions, as the consequences will be faced by, well, none other than us.

Cheers :D :D.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tgk2 Muke Punye Pasai ~ :D..

Assalamualaikum :)..

'Mental block = an inability to remember or think of something you normally can do; often caused by emotional tension' <<< This is what I'm suffering rite now.

I read this article quite some time ago. A good article I should commend, somehow 'terkena batang idung sendiri'. Credit to

Ehem, Gambar Muslimahkah Ini?
(dipetik dari blog WEWR ~khabar dari urdun~)


Terkadang bila melayari weblog-weblog rakan, menjelajah ke dalam dunia maya bagi manusia yang memayakan diri mereka, saya merasa hairan melihat sesetengah weblog muslimah, yang bertudung, yang menutup aurat, tidak segan silu pula untuk memaparkan gambar masing-masing.

Tiadalah terlalu salah untuk memaparkan gambar anda, ya muslimah sekalian, namun, sayangnya, anda terlupa bahawa gambar yang anda posting itu adalah gambar sebesar skrin 17 inci! Setiap butir jerawat dan bulu halus di muka anda terpampang rapi!


Tidaklah tujuan saya mengaibkan kalian. Saya adalah rakan kamu. Sahabat kamu. Yang enggan melihat wajah-wajah anda itu, dipaparkan sewenang-wenangnya kepada orang. Biarpun wajah bukan aurat mengikut sesetengah mazhab, namun tatkala fitnah mengundang, tidakkah ia melayakkan ianya ditutup dari pandangan umum? Muslimahku, Dunia internet semakin berkembang maju. Satu hari, satu weblog, mungkin berjuta-juta orang yang melihatnya setiap hari.

Di kalangan mereka ada yang bagus, yang menundukkan pandangan selaras firman Allah dalam Surah An-Nur “Katakanlah (Wahai Muhammad) kepada orang-orang lelaki Yang beriman supaya mereka menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang Yang haram), dan memelihara kehormatan mereka. Yang demikian itu lebih suci bagi mereka; Sesungguhnya Allah amat mendalam pengetahuannya tentang apa Yang mereka kerjakan. ”

Namun, kita harus akui, bahawa di kalangan jutaan orang itu, ada yang hatinya sakit, ada yang jiwanya perit menanggung kesakitan akibat terlihat wajah-wajah kamu biarpun kamu bertudung litup. Muslimahku, Kalau kita lihat dunia gambar bukan main maju lagi. Dahulu, cuma setakat kamera yang perlu dicuci gambarnya. Kini, telefon juga menjadi kamera. Kamera pula lebih dahsyat, lebih instant, sesegera mee segera yang sama kerosakan yang dibawanya, penyakit hati. [Emphasis added]

Alangkah malangnya, kalau wajah-wajah anda yang terpamer itu, mengundang gejolak rasa di jiwa insan bernama lelaki, yang beriman akan beristighfar dan memujuk hati, manakala yang sakit jiwanya, akan mula mengganggu anda. Mula memburu anda dengan SMS, telefon, hatta mungkin mendekati anda, dengan tujuan memiliki anda….

Hanya kerana satu kesilapan yang mungkin anda tidak terniat, wajah anda terpampang besar di internet! Gambar adalah bayangan realiti. Namun mungkin juga ia fantasi. Kadangkala tertipu juga lelaki pada fantasi Photoshop, Fireworks dan seribu satu pengedit gambar lagi. Kalau itu memang tujuan anda, anda tanggung sendirilah. Tapi kalau niat anda cuma berkongsi, dengan tanpa sedar mengajak fitnah bertandang, maka amaran saya, hati-hatilah!


Andalah sahaja yang mampu menyelesaikannya. Bukan orang lain. Diri anda, andalah yang harus menjaganya. Apa tujuan anda bertudung dan menutup aurat? Bukankah kehendak syariat dan ingin menutup pandangan orang kepadamu? Maka, soalan saya, menundukkan pandangan bukan kehendak syariatkah? Memaparkan wajah anda besar-besar menutup pandangan orang terhadap andakah? Kerana weblog-weblog dan web foto itu milik anda, seharusnyalah anda kecilkan wajah-wajah anda dengan mengecilkan saiz gambar itu.

Banyak cara boleh dilakukan menggunakan perisian pengedit gambar. Belajarlah daripada yang tahu. Hindarkanlah aksi-aksi dan posing-posing yang hanya akan menambahkan lagi kerosakan jiwa masyarakat. Sekiranya niat anda hanya ingin berkongsi dengan rakan muslimah anda, lakukanlah secara tertutup. Elakkan posting yang boleh dilihat oleh segala macam jenis orang. Kalau lebih mudah, anda kirim saja emel bergambar pada rakan muslimah anda itu.

Ingat, wajah anda, anugerah Allah.

Anugerah Allah itu hanya layak dilihat berkali-kali oleh yang layak sahaja...
Wallahu A’lam
[Emphasis added]

Wanita solehah, Itulah sebaik-baik hiasan...

sweet as article, don't u think :D

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

xpasal2 je (2) :)...

Assalamualaikum :)..
My 2nd tag-game post. Just when I had no idea on what to post. Thanks to Shahida:

And These Are The Tags:
Put Your I-Tunes, Windows Media Player, Etc. On Shuffle.
For Each Question, Press The Next Button To Get Your Answer.
Tag 10 Friends.
Everyone Tagged Has To Do The Same Thing.
Have Fun!

Masihkah Kau Ingat - Kopratasa

Permata Buat Isteriku - Kopratasa

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Mengintai dari Tirai Kamar - Exists

Mengusung Rindu - Spin

Coward of the County - Kenny Rogers

Stanza Sekeping Hati - Ben Nathan (Ben Adam)

You are My Sunshine - unknown

Adakah Kau Setia - Sting

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Blues untuk Rakyat - Lovehunters ft. Ramli Sarip

Kau yang Satu - Ramli Sarip

Sunshine of Your Love - Cream

Bukan Kerana Nama - Ramli Sarip

Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson

Perjalanan Hidup - Ramli Sarip

Untuk Generasiku - Ramli Sarip

Prophet of Doom Debate (erk..nih ceramah la..hahaha)

Anak - Carefree

Istilah Bercinta - Ramli Sarip

Blues Bee - Ramli Sarip

Evening News - Jason Lo

p/s: This's from my recent download list. So..tuh la die..haha

tag 10 friends (kurang sket xleh ke kak?..2 ckup ek :D)



Saturday, February 14, 2009

As We Move on~ :D

Assalamualaikum :)..

I called my family yesterday. I told my mom how sometimes I had this dream and when I woke up in the mornin, I felt like I was already in Malaysia. Well, I got the same dream yesterday. shut, am I homesick or somethin?

As I surfed the net just now, browsin the net like I got nothin to do, searchin the youtube for any videos that I might be familiar with, then..I found this treasure (credit to sho for the video):

Background story for the video:
The video was prepared for Minggu Apresiasi Puisi (or somethin..I can't remember precisely). If you are detail enuff, and look at the clock beside the door, we did this crazy clip at around 0130. Ooh, the video never played as we intended it to be (on the Puisi night). Got some glitches. Darn it. Anyways, it's pretty cool I think :p. sometimes we can be so mengarut..hahaha

p/s : gotta delete this post b4 I start teachin.. hahahancurkan dia!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Problematic..Well..Me (sigh~)

Assalamualaikum :)..

Juz received my marked essay assignment.

"... but your written expression and grammar is problematic" (chanteet~)..

lesson learnt:

As I warned earlier, my English grammar isn't good (politically correct (PC) for bad)..

I do think the style used for my essay and posts here aren't that different.

Hence, don't (never kot) take my posts here as a benhmark for formal writings (academic essays), and grammatically-correct articles.


Towards a better grammar usage!!


p/s - I've been learning English for years now, with minute improvent. Well, better with some than none. Better to realize than to not :D~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smile, Though Your Heart is Aching..

Assalamualaikum :)..

I had this discussion with a brother bout the issue of sabar and redha. He told me, there's this story from a friend of him (which he of course, made the name classified), which he claimed to be true. He told me how the guy fell in love with a girl (well..another one of those stories). How he struggled to keep the feelin towards himself, and tried to do the right thing; not to express his so-called love till d rite time comes (which i thought to get married..i dunno, jz my concern..heh).

Then one day, when he felt dat the 'day' for him to express his feelin is still faraway, and he couldn't hold it anymore, he broke his silence. He didn't ask for being a partner for the girl, as he knows a bit of Islam. How Islam controls pre-marriage male-female relationship. He just expressed his concerns towards the girl. The girl rejected him politely, saying dat she needs time to focus on her study and whatsoever the reasons. This pitiful guy took d words bit by bit, and didn't consider it to be a rejection. The guy continued his life, while still keeping the hope for the girl. Typical short-sighted teenagers.

Til one day, he found out that the girl is actually with someone else. The dual-frustration, of being lied to and being rejected, haunted him. And the mixed feelings he felt when the girl actually fell into this 'trap' of life for youngsters, 'couple'. He tried his best though to forget the misfortune event. But you see, it's not an easy feat. As we can't see any 'delete' button inside us to easily forget things that we don't wanna remember. So, the thorny journey begins.

Fortunately for him, he didn't do anything stupid to channel his frustration. He, shockingly enuff, tried to recover by getting as much knowledge as he could. The knowledge of life, the knowledge of Islam itself. We humans tend to forget the Almighty when we're in a situation where we feel comfortable (refer my previous post, 10 minutes, where I stated that our comfort is also a test for us). The question of whether or not he succeed, I dunno, neither the brother who told me the story. But there's a thing or two we can learn from this study case :).

1) Patience

Imam Al Ghazali, in his book, Ihya' Ulumuddin, explain patience = to endure all physical hardship. Be it Muslim or non-Muslim, everyone will be tested to see the level of his patience. Anger, frustration, sadness, you name it, even happiness, all these will stretch our limit of patience. Especially for Muslims, which Allah has stated in His Holy Book,

" Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "we believe," and will not be tested?" - Holy Quran 29:2

Allah has promised to test us, as a prove of our Iman. I remembered from a kuliah I heard. "You can judge your level of patience when you look at yourself when the misfortune befalls you. Not 10 years afterwards, but what's your immidiate respond towards the event".

This, brings us to the second topic.

2) Redha (sorry dunno what it's called in English :p)

I can't recall the exact formal meaning of redha. But from my limited knowledge and understandings, redha (as in us) is the optimism, the husnu zhon, to think positively to Allah and react accordingly. When we talk bout redha, we can't escape from talking bout Qada' and Qadar. Everything has been set for us. Allah knows the best.

Let's take example from our case study above. Let say, that guy choose to forget the girl totally, in order to please himself, to get rid the sadness and frustration. Let say the guy said, "well, I accept what's just happened. Redha je la. lupekan je". Is this really what redha means? For us to accept things according to our will, when something went wrong? This method only work if the girl isn't meant to be for him.

What if the exact girl is meant to be for him? To be his wife, while he had seed this hatred inside him in order to forget her. This kind of twist of event isn't impossible, Allah knows best. By that time, will he be redha to accept the very girl he tried hardly to forget? This is what Allah said in his glorious book:

"Jihad is ordained for you though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you don't" - Holy Quran 2:216

Though the context of the ayah is to encourage Muslims for jihad, look at the next statement from Him. We may hate something meant to be good for us, and vice versa. Allah knows the best, while our not so long-sighted views of life, knows not. Redha is to readily accept what is offered to us. As we don't know what is prepared for us, it's unwise just to wait for the 'rezeki' to fall, rather we must work for it.

We asked from Allah to be strong physically, mentally and emotionally. But do we work on that?
What kind of effort have we shown?
To be strong physically, there must be work out to be done..
To be strong mentally, there must be knowledge seeking going on..
To be strong emotionally, are we going to runaway from our problems and just pray be granted a strong and stable emotions?

About the study case (story above), I don't know how much of it is true. Hopefully he didn't make that up. The more important thing to me is, the lesson learnt from the story. Sometimes, we should put ourselves in others shoes to at least gain a bit of understanding of life.

I don't know where I heard this, but there're sayings regarding to this matter. Roughly it goes like this:

He is a wise man, who learnt from his experience.
He is even wiser when he learnt from others.

Jz sharing my 2cents.

Cheers :D

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Taon Lombu la Pulok~ :D

Assalamualaikum :)..

I jz came back from the final night of Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival, a festival held each year (well at least since I came :p) to celebrate the coming of the Chinese New Year at Albert Park, jz behind the university. The 3-day event ended today, with a fireworks show. A magnificent show indeed. The colours, sounds they make. Wallaweh!!

From my casual observation, this year's event drawn more visitor than last year's. It's a healthy activity, where ppl from different backgrounds, come together and enjoy themselves. This is one of the example of harmony I've been talking bout :).

This is what the Holy Quran teach us:

"...made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another..." 49:13

Take the opportunities to learn something from others. Learn their cultures and find what good values can we share with them :).

Performance by Wu Opera Troupe from Zhejiang, China (1)

Performance by Wu Opera Troupe from Zhejiang, China (2)

Inter-racial gathering; U got Indians, Chinese, Eropeans, Arabs, Japanese...

...and Malays. Hehe :p

Year of the Ox. Well, we gotta strive no matter what year it is..rite :D

The background should show the 'pasar malam'. But it's too dark for my camera..huhu

Perak: A Thing or Two (or 3..erm, even 4 :p) to be Pondered Upon :D

Assalamualaikum :)..

I made myself clear that I dun wanna discuss the issue of 'lompat parti' in Perak or elsewhere. It's just that when surfing the net, reading the comments and even posts in blogs, forums, seems like, we're bursting out our emotion rather than rational aspect of the issue. This might not reflects to all, but to some, well, it's time to put on our thinking cap, shall we :).

1) 'Lompat Parti'

Are these people eating they're own words?


PR - 16 Sept Aspiration: where several MPs would change their side of seats in the parliament and support PR

BN/UMNO - 'Lompat Parti' is totally unacceptable, unethical and unjust.


PR - The MPs who resigned are traitors.

BN - Le'ts just accept our MP who want to return to us

Question to ponder:

Sometimes it's not sufficient to judge from just seeing the effect of actions. We should ask ourselves, why do they give 'contradictory' statements. They're not morons (well, supposedly not). This is what I mean:

Why PR said 'lompat parti' from BN to PR is acceptable but not otherwise?

a) They believe the action was done on moral basis, they're (the Lompat MPs) not offered
any rewards for doing so.

b)The MPs who changed from PR to BN were all 'paid'.

*well then, to what extent the statements are true?

This is what we should look for. Not just by judging from their action of 'lompat parti'. We shouldn't waste our energy focusing to cure (in this case, comment) the symptoms, rather, use the symptoms to find the real 'disease'and act accordingly.

2) The BN's action of toppling the current Perak govt. without election

This is just giving a green light for others that this's permisable (@least 'morally'). Well, then we (or they (BN)) can't blame PR if the same reply is done by PR(whether it's on state level or national level). Coz they (BN) are actually the pioneer for this.

The question of whether with this step, it's a sign that the country isn't anymore steered by Rakyat. Instead, it's controlled by few political elites, Where they can 'lompat parti' and to support the other side of the political power without any consent from the Rakyat. They're 'Wakil Rakyat's. The Rakyat's reps. Their job is to represent Rakyat. Not to make their own personal decision (no matter how morally justified (which is a subjective matter) it is) that directly affect the Rakyat, without first, consulting the Rakyat. The concept of democracy, where Rakyat rule the country is being undermined (or, the flaws of democracy are starting to show themselves).

These are few questions that we should at least ponder upon, before we enter the stage of thinking bout the conspiracy theories, and other. We need to be clear of the situation before making up ur mind.

3) Extremists cannot be reasoned with

Be it PR or BN, the issue of extremism isn't new. Its not a problem at all to show our support towards our beliefs. The problem is to support blindly. To add the spices, let's make things worse with EGO, when we think we're the ones who know, the others info are totally unreliable. Totally reject others POV when they're not in line with ours. This attitude is the reason of the break ups within our community. "Oh yes, we're trying to develop the country. But first, let's just get rid of our competitors who didn't agree with us. So that we could develop the nation peacefully". Why don't we just accept that everyone wants the best for the nation. And there isn't only a single way to do so.

4) Racism

This is the saddest part of our society. We're being racist. We think our nation is superior than others. It's not wrong to think that way. It'll develop the sense of appreciating who you are and try your best to 'up' your nation. The problem is, when we belittle others. The problem with racism -why Islam detest racism - is becoz we don't choose our race when we're born. (for Muslims, we believe) It's Allah who chose who you are. In what nation or tribe ya'll be born in.

"...made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allah is that who has At-Taqwa (being a person, who fear and love Allah strongly). Verily, Allah is the All-Knowing, Well-Acquainted" - Holy Quran, 49:13

The Prophet (s) said: "One who calls towards 'asabiyyah is not from us, one who fights for 'asabiyyah is not from us and the one who dies on 'asabiyyah is not from us." [Mizan al Hikmah, hadith # 13035] source

(I'm not a hadith literate (The sanad isn't there), do inform me if the hadith isn't a sahih. As I don't wanna share a place in Jahannam for sharing a 'hadith' which is not from Rasulullah (s))

It's a noble thing to preserve your rights and heritage, it's just the noble deed is 180-degreely turned when we deny others. Not everyone as good and not everyone as bad. The problem is when less good ppl talk bout less good things that influence others whom without enuff knowledge and understandings of what's goin on.

For Muslims, just remember the Day of Judgement. When all our deeds, our sayings, will be the very reason of our place in one of the two options; hell or heaven. No other place will be offered, unfortunately.

Juz sharin my 2 cents.

Cheers :D

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kebaikan Karangan 'Menyambung Karangan' = Kreatif :D :D!!

Assalamualaikum :)..

I was talking ('ym'ing 2 be exact) with Ana'ruddin', my classmate at MARA College Seremban. We're talking bout lots of stuff, ngarut2 one, then suddenly, the topic of our childhood maniac.

1st, all of a sudden, we talked about ALONG (educational TV Programme by PNB, aired on TV1) and Siti Sifir with her funky specs.

Then Doraemon (where the dubbed voices actor and actress (what's the term for these guys ah?) can be heard in like every Bahasa Malaysia dubbed cartoon). Where else can you learn the meaning of bola lisut?wahahaha

Next, Power Rangers, with censored opening song, just becoz they had the word "Morphin". The similarities all these guys had? They're all aired 'wktu maghrib'. From 1900 - 2000.

When we talked bout these shows, we can't helped ourselves from talking bout the damn long and frequent ads. Apollo, Dindang, Tora, and so much more. I even remember 1 of Apollo ad song (rap style):

Ap Ap Ap Ap, Ap Ap Ap Ap, Ap Ap Ap Ap, Apollo,
Ikutlah rentak, rentak Apollo yeah,
Kacang bersalut coklat,
Pastinya snek lazat!
Ap Ap Ap Ap Apollo!!

Damn how I remember those lines. wahaha
How in our childhood we cursed those ads, hoping, praying so d ads wont shorten the 'lifetime' of our fav cartoons. How everytime we watch the cartoon, we looked at the clock, as we know the cartoon would only last for 30 mins (the most!!)

Speakin of which, those ads still survive till today. Wonder how can they last that long. Salute!! In their ads, Tora and Dindang for example, they're sooo friggin cheap. Their ads for topspins for example, we can actually, clearly see a white string attached on them. What a joke!!hahaha

Oh, now I remember. The reason we talked bout all these memories. Out of the blue, we suddenly had this rubbish. "apa yang pentiiing..kerjaaasama" from this suddenly-famous-cartoon, Wonderpet!! Oh, how we can be so good in developing stories (thanks to our education syllabus, 2 many of those "sila sambung karangan ini..." question).

Well, lesson learnt? Whether or not we realized it, we're getting older. So much older where we never thought of our life in this age when we're that young. The times when we think, adults are our parents,teachers, big cousins, and never (well, almost) thought that we'll someday be the 'adults'. Well, unfortunately enuff, time goes by, and we're now at that stage of life.

That's life. Same as death. We know people will die. But we still had this mentality of, well, like death is far from us. It's like, we heard stories bout people's homes got destructed by fire, and we just think, well, it just happens, and we'll never 'appreciate' the event, till we are part of the story. But the 'story' of deaths, life after death, will be experienced only once. And it's just either we make it, or being dead regret. Just a reminder for myself :D. Cheers :D :D!

Dol, XM Dol!!

Assalamualaikum :)..

summer semester near comes to an end. After nearly 6 weeks of struggle, reading tutorial materials, doin essay(!!), cecil tests, and.. trust me, challenging lectures (ngntok~), finally, one final week of class left. Unfortunately for me, History 103G also consists of one 2-hour final paper (16 Feb '09 -> 1415 - 1630). And it's, well, as expected from a history paper, essay writings.

All d best for those who're struggling for their finals this semester. The people who sacrifice their summer holiday for classes, and academic stuffs. May our efforts blessed by Him, i'Allah. Yosh!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Only Spit Upwards Where Gravity Can't Haunt You :D

Assalamualaikum :)

1st of all, regarding my previous post:

'... so-called holocaust of 6 mil of Jews by the Nazis in the WWII ... might be a giant hoax of the century'

I know it sounds controversial. I never intended to be a holocaust denier (so as to be a holocaust supporter) as the knowledge I received isn't enuff for me to take side. The statement came out when I spent a little more than 4 hours of my life, watching this documentary -> "one third of holocaust". So, I'm humbly apologise if my statement somehow disturbing. :D.

Man, I'm tired of this already. What's up with Malaysian politics? Didn't we finished our GE nearly a year ago? Juz do the job already. Stop arguing as who're supposed to be in power. The people have decide, so..?

Haiih. 1st the case of 'hopping' party. Then to topple the elected state govt. I dont wanna discuss this issue here, as we can find a lot of relating resources all over the net. I'm just sick of this. With the media manipulating the situation (or being manipulated?).

Yes. The media. the so-called mainstream media!! the platform where we should get unbiased report of issues. Doubt me? Read Utusan Malaysia. Read how totally bias the newspaper towards govt. How extremely bias the reports against the opposition parties. The difference in their tone. I'm a supporter of neither (as I can't show my support in politics, yet), just, this is insane!

When Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim stated there would be several MPs from BN would change their side to PR, the response were absolutely thundering. With academic figures (not to mention political figures) stating the action is immoral , doesn't respect the country's law and the people's trust etc etc. But when the exact same thing happened to the other side of the political power, well, it's somehow, suddenly, acceptable.

I'm not critisizing the action of 'hopping' party here (I don't want to, not to say I'm agree or disagree). I want to critisize how the so-called mainstream media play their role. How Utusan Malaysia 'legalise' this action, where several months back, their voices towards the issue were different. Bear in mind that Utusan Malaysia isn't suppose to be a political party newspaper, unlike Harakah of course, where they state clearly they're sold for PAS members only.

They (Utusan Malaysia) abuse the trust given by the people to provide unbiased reports. They're more accessible and widely accepted by the people. So why then, they have an inclined views regarding to political matters?

Just to name a case:

How in Utusan Malaysia, it's repeatedly stated that Ir Nizar should respect the decision of the Sultan of Perak (they even put 'titah Sultan' in their report)
Their reports of BN's reaction towards the Terengganu's when the Sultan decide not to accept BN's candidate for MB.

It's not the matter of who's right or wrong. Just deliver the news as they're. Don't put your political views in the reports. It is really, well, annoying. Coz we're not that dumb to not realize how bias you're.

It's like we're being forced to accept the 'formal' view of issues (can we say..brainwashed?). How can we decide when our source of information has clearly chose their side, when they should be neutral.

A country isn't all about politics. it's not about few people in power to make critical decision of the nation (as how history proves, the elites can be thrown out overnight) . It's about how we should work together to steer the country. The country isn't exclusively one's property. It's ours. Malaysians.

The situation here - as in my naive and unmatured - politically - views - seems like people are more willing to struggle for power rather than to struggle for the sake of the country. The never ending drama of the struggle for the prime spot in our small country's head of administration. Don't they get tired?

Just a humble reminder for Muslims. We should remember that we're all going to be judged. Try our best not to cross the limits set by Allah (as we have countlessly crossed, try to not add another). In front of Him, we're all going to be the same, regardless how powerful we might have been, or how many million (or even billion, or even more) dollars we have saved. What we might have now aren't supposed to be seen as priviledges, rather, liabilities. The more we enjoy our 'priviledges', the heavier the responsibilities are.

I'm sorry Utusan Malaysia. I'm just expressing my views. I didn't have any grudge against you though, it's just I'm sick of the situation rite now.

Jz sharin my 2cents. Cheers :D

Monday, February 2, 2009

Whys and Hows

warning: the post might contain profane language that reflects the author's disapproval of things, sorry in advance. I am not an anti-semites. My posts aren't about anti-semitism either. I strongly disregard racism. They're many more good Jews as there're no less of bad Muslims.

Assalamualaikum :)..

are we restrained from questioning the so-called holocaust of 6 mil of Jews by the Nazis in the WWII, when there're not few proofs the holocaust might be a giant hoax of the century.

are we restrained from taking actions towards our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine and all around the world, while we watched with our own 2 friggin eyes how they're treated!!

Darn stupid we're when we're to believe those blood-sucker bastards when they say they're acting appropiriately towards those friggin home-made missiles by Hamas??

Darn stupid we're when we think Hamas are to be blamed solely for the ongoing conflict. How we stopped our brain from working when we forgot that they're also human beings, who wont retaliate when they're not provoked!(The Israelis are also the same, they wont respond if they're not attacked. Soo damn right!!)

in this situation, we still don't realize that we are too dependent on others. "let the govt. decide", "let the Arab League make the decision", "let the UN work it out". We feel we're useless midgets who don't possess any power to help our oppressed brothers and sisters, that we need others to work for us.

are we going to stand before Allah and answer Him. When our Muslim brothers and sisters blame us for their sufferings. They blame us for doing nothing. When they blame us with our silence towards their ill-treatment. When they blame us, for being bloody selfish!!

despite all these mixed feelings, the anger, sadness, and guilt, I still feel I can do not much to reduce their burden :(

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bile aku mengarut..haiih~

Assalamualaikum :)..

sekadar selingan :)..
kte men teka teki sket~:D. Yosh!! :

Sape Die??

bapaknye penah jd pelumba,
ntah kenapa teros berenti,
anak pon nak jadi pelumba juge,
tapi..berlumbe pakai kayu hoki??

4 pemuda berbaju kotak (ala2 futuristik),
merah hijau hitam n biru,
seperti polis gaya dan lagak,
swipe kad n tekan2 nombor sket, kuar la senjata tu

5 (lepas tuh 6) orang anak mude,
kuar bertarung pukul tujuh (wktu maghrib),
ntah ape salah mereka,
"censored lagu!!" RTM suruh

(soklan bonus)
nape setiap superhero berkumpulan..
mesti ade kostum kaler merah?

ade sorang mamat hebat,
pakai baju kaler kelabu (silver sbnarnye),
bile lawan makin kuat,
naga robot disuruhnye bantu

mamat ijau naek moto
ade sesungut macam belalang,
lompat n sepak lawan pon K.O,
kalao x K.O, die kuarkan pedang

(soklan bonus #2)
lepas lawan..
nape mesti resakse meletop?

mamat nih plak tinggi lampai,
datang membantu di negeri Jepang (sori, gune indo sket :p)
"shiaah, shiaah" berbunyi power x sampai,
dada berkelip, power pon datang

(soklan bonus #3)
Negara Jepon negara kaye,
tp kenapa byk resakse?

ada satu superhero ni,
1st time tayang, kat tv4 (metrovision),
bleh terbang apetah lagi berlari,
ngn tok guru miang, die blaja 'bersilat'

ade satu kumpulan lagi,
dilaknat dimaki dikeji alam,
bendera kaler putih suci
2 jalur biru ngn bintang bucu enam

amcm..ade kenal? hehe..

Achtung!! Spoiler!!:

p/s - none of the pictures above drawn by me. They might be subjected to copyright by their owners, in which i didn't name any..sorry :(.

Cheers :D