Tuesday, February 14, 2012

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Assalamualaikum :)

As usual: "whooaahh, been a while since my last post aye?"

Since my laptop has refused to start on me, I'm now writing on my android machine. A challenge for myself that an android machine can substitute a Windows based laptop on daily work and routine. Let's see how it goes.

Let's get back to business (which is? hahaha). I want to talk about "Menghina Islam". I'm not sure if I can find an English word which well describe the situation in Malaysia. The term "menghina Islam" is widely used no matter how big or small the issue is. "Oi, that's menghina Islam!", "Wey, this's menghina Islam" so on and so forth.  We are sensitive when it comes to religion and racial issues. When I say we, I point to those who speak the loudest and heard by and streamed by the mainstream media. I don't know whether they represent the majority of our people, but they speak as if they do, so this is the "we" I'm talking about. Though there are certain things I refused to agree fought by these so called "pejuang bangsa, agama whatsoever", but they seen by others as the representative, as the voice of Islam, Malay, Malaysia, or whatever they want to be known

I watched this malay horror movie last year, Misteri Jalan Karak (i'm not quite sure the real name of the movie :p). What disturbed me back then was how they sell to the people of how we can shoo away demons by reciting the quran. It's not that I'm against the use of the Holy Quran to protect yourself, it's just that the actors and actress who use the verses from the Quran is not, well, Islamic? The term Islamic doesn't mean they have to wear long robes and stuff. The thing that itched me was that they represented themselves as group of students with a free lifestyle. Where a bloke and his girlfriend sit together, touching each other etc. Some people might argue that that's the message the producers want to brought forward. A 'kampung' girl with proper Islamic values, went to the Big City and somehow lost her values, and this event brings her back to her old self. The message is good, the acting's excellent but the moral (islamic la of coz) was not. It's true they're acting, but the fiqh remains. Just because they're acting doesn't mean they're free to do whatever they want. 

Another movie I watched was Rasuk. Another movie with Quran 'salesperson'. At the end of the movie, the 'husband' hugs his 'wife' and recite verses from the Quran to free her from the demon. A non muhrim, hugging each other, reciting Quran. What puzzles me is, no one talked about this issue. Where are the so-called pejuang bangsa, agama whatever? I'm not a good person myself, but, this is just absurd. I'm not an expert but Surah at-Taubah, verse 9, rang my mind when I think about this. There're lots other example but, let's just make these 2 as my case study for now. I don't want to go on a rampage to our film industry. If what I felt makes me labelled as a hyper-sensitive person, so be it. I'm far from a perfect person, but this somehow disturbed me.

Just sharing my 2cents

Cheers :D :D