Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Ar? :D :D

Assalamualaikum :)

Okie, less than 24 hours after my previous post, come another. Then a few months of hiatus, hehe (I hope not :p)

I'm tired, and my brain begs me to stop and sleep, but the same brain suggests I should stay awake and finish up the report and prepare for the test. 2 tests, 3 assignments. The university sure know how to suck the most of your effort before they allow you to go for a short holiday (aka study break..)

Late at night, my brain wont function as it should in daytime. It's like there's a set of random topics flashing in front of me waiting for me to pick any one of 'em and dig further.

Tonight's topic of choice (drums rolling..):

How do we know we're right?

I can't find the right tone on how to start this topic..huhuhu..I'll try being as straight forward as I can. Yosh! Sototaarto!

How often do we hear people say how lucky we're born as a Muslim? Islam is the way of life, Islam will save you, all that stuff. How do we really know we're barking on the right tree? How can we really confirm that other people with different faith as ours weren't as 'lucky' as we're? Why do some people judge a person as if they can be really sure they're on the right path and the other person will be damned to hell (forever~), if that person never do any open-minded, honest research, and just depending on other peoples work?

Why do people easily judge a Muslim based on whether they're Sunni, or Shiite? Why do a Sunni sometimes easily mock the other person just because they pray differently. How do they know they're the one with the right 'method' of praying. What if they're wrong? Why should there be a different between a Sunni and a Shiite? Who coined that term in the first place? Are the Sunni really sure they're practising the original Islam that's brought forward by Prophet Muhammad SAW?

What if the people who mock the other person because they're from a different school of thoughts of Islam, been born in the opposite camp? Will they do their best to find the right path? Are we doing our best to check whether or not we're on the winning (in the herefter) side? Or do we just blindly believe we're the right ones because we're being told so?

What if we're born in a different environment, different faith. Will we do our best to do research whether we are following the truth? Or will we just strengthen our faith (whether or not it's the truth) and start preaching. What if we preached the wrong idea? Who are we to say those Christians missionaries are bringing false messages? Who are they to say Muslims are a bunch of uncivilized, blood-thirsty souls who need to be saved? Do people really care if they're on the right side? Or do we really care on defending our beliefs whether or not it's the truth, just by being confident that we're on the right side?

How many of us are willing to take an honest journey for the truth? We all know the fate for the unbelievers in the hereafter, no matter what religion you're in. Are we afraid to find out if the religion we're in right now are not the right one?As for me, sure I am.

May He showers His blessings and mercy upon us. Pray so we're enlightened and guided so we can see clearly and distinguish good from evil.

Cheers :D

Just sharing my 2 cents :D :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

D: D: sdoolf natsikap

Assalamualaikum :)..

As for a standard opening for a long time inactive blog. “fuuhh, been a very while since my last update..”. People say if you got nothing good to say, well, shut ya yap. Same goes if u got nothin good to write, OR, if ur lazy enough to write. Lazy to write leads to lazy to think of what to write leads to lazy to think and leads to brain idle which is not very2 good. So, here goes..

First off, happy Ramadhan. Another Ramadhan abroad for me. Another period when I'm in lab when every one else prepares for their iftar. Sad? Tired? A little, but I'm quite excited as well, as I'm not sure when (and where) else can I gain this kind of experience, yes? As usual, this is the period of the year when the prayer room will be full (for iftar..what else :p). Not a very bad thing really, at least people come to the prayer room and perform the prayer together, nicee~

Just because I don't write, doesn't mean I don't know bout our world kan. Big flood in Pakistan for example, they're gonna need billions of dollars to recover. Any idea how big a billion is? As we're still in the month of Ramadhan, it's somehow a blessing for us to be given such an opportunity to help our brothers and sisters there. And this can serve as a great reminder for us as well, as Allah promised in His Book:

“Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil)” (2:155)

Wallaweh rite? He promised to test us with fear, hunger, loss in goods or lives. Come to think about it, when was the last time we were tested with those things? When was the last time we were tested with hunger, without knowing when exactly can we fill our stomach? Not the I-don't-have-anything-to-eat-but-Maggie type of hunger. When was the last time we were tested with sudden loss of everything we hold dear? At least our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, Gaza, West Bank, and everywhere else have already tasted the promised made by Allah Himself. We, who are still in a very comfortable blanket of safety should be worry for we don't know when and how will we be tested (and how we will react).

So, what should we do? Sit and think about the unknown that might happen? Well, that's not a bad idea, if that's not the only thing we do. We can prepare whatsoever, but what about our brothers and sisters who are already in dire need for help? That's when we, the ones who are still 'saved' ('saved' - as safety is a kind of test, if you think about it..) from those disasters, come into picture. HELP THEM for the mercy of Allah!! It's pretty obvious, rite?

Cheers :D

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Jz sharing my 2 cents :D :D