Monday, October 3, 2011

What to Love :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

I listened to this song by Lo, “Operator”, while I was driving one day. I used to not to listen very well to the song but 1 part of the song really spoke to me that day. The song was about a guy who fell in love with a girl, but somehow she changed and he couldn’t really accept the changes in her, as the lyrics suggest “…you broke all the was inside me..”.

Question is what is really there to love?

I used to think about this when I, as a normal human being had a crush on someone, which was years ago (2 days before the dinosaurs extinct to be exact, and still the most bitter way of understanding the world I ever had..). I liked this girl very much that someday I thought about what’s in her that I really want, that I really want to be connected to? Sometimes love is not something you can control. It just happens. The Sun is not something we can control of its existence, it’s just there for us to utilize once we realized how to use the energy released by it, so does love.

If we love someone for his/her attitude, well, that’s not going to last, as people do change. If we love someone for his/her beauty, well, that will never going to last as well, as our definition of beauty will change, same goes for wealth, intelligence, and so on. So what is there to love? What is love? Why are we ‘burdened’ with this uninvited ‘guest’? When I say burdened, it is a burden both when your love is not accepted and even when your love is warmly welcomed by the other party; they’re both heavy for the unprepared.

People say to love for Allah. This is my way of loving for Allah. This might sound stupid, but, it’s how I picture it. Whenever I liked someone for example, I used to draw this line of me connecting to this person and the line continues to Allah. (Pardon the quality of the drawing, super amateur in action).

When I have this mental picture of loving for Allah, one of the advantages is I realized that everything is from Allah, and everything is for Allah. Even if we met the person we truly love, and we’re not the only ones feeling that, and we managed to somehow live with that person, as mortals, we must prepare for the loss of our loved ones (that if we’re not the one answering Allah’s call first). When I have this mental picture of loving for Allah, I know that ultimately, the person I love the most is His, and that person would forever be His, and He borrowed me the pleasure of knowing and living together with this person. Love is not like Hindustan movies. I will try my best not to be bound by love. I will try my best to remind myself that ultimately, only Allah is the one who’ll be there, whenever, wherever, and whatever. The love he borrows, only as a tool to perfect us as human beings, which its existence we shouldn't deny, and hopefully not a tool I would use to bring upon His wrath on me and everything and everyone I care for.

Just sharing my 2cents

Cheers :D :D

p/s – I do wish of marrying someone who could live without facebook. Last thing I want is our private life to be posted on a frequent basis.

p/p/s – … is that p/s necessary? wahaha


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Hehe. first of all, I know this song. N u wrote it wrong..made the meaning looked confusing a bit.. =P Its supposed 2 b “…you broke all the wall inside me..” :)

    Second of all, thank you.

    The way u wrote this entry, made tears came up from my eyes.. MashaAllah, Allah gave u this thought n to share it with people. This is what exactly I've been looking for.. I mean, someone who understands that LOVING someone, it's not solely for yourself. It IS for Him.

    I went to a very beautiful talk by Sheikh Aslam last 2 weeks or so.. He said,1 of the main goals of marriage is to help each other to worship Allah, n to grow in Taqwa. N I think, this is "directly proportional" to what u wrote "The love he borrows, only as a tool to perfect us as human beings". I agree. Our partners or spouses is somewhat "a Tool" to make us, to help each other 2 b perfect. Wallahualam.

    Thanks again. And please allow me to share your post?


  2. Waalaikumsalam Anon :)..

    Another good example to study your materials before posting anything..haha..that's how I heard the singer pronounced the words :p..thanks anyway :)

    Never thought my writings could give such an impact, thanks for appreciating my view :), and please share it with the world if you think this would help making this world a better place to be :D

  3. Assalamualaikum

    jazakallah khayr for the post.

    Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds - the Most Merciful will appoint for them affection. [maryam:96]

    if u look at the ayah in arabic, there is word "wudda" which means love.

    thus, a simple, short and sweet formulae given by HIM to gain love is to have faith in HIM and do righteous deeds.

    subhanallah! all the love in this world is from HIM and HE is the ONE who can give it or take it from us.

    may Allah bless you with great posts that benefit others

  4. Waalaikumsalam Anon:

    Thanks for sharing and brief explanation of the verse. May what you share will benefit others as it did to me as well. Thanks for reading :D :D