Sunday, October 9, 2011

Failure2 Sket~ :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

I have always wanted to tell my students every time they complained about their low marks I gave them this:

“I want to let you experience failure for I believe that to be a very good experience. You should never expect your success rate to be 100% in your every attempt in whatever you’re doing in your life. I have no problem whatsoever in failing you. I do believe that you will at some point of your life fail in doing something. It’s the experience of how to handle failure is important. You can do your best in everything, but not everything is what you’re expected them to become. I think school is the best place to experience failure. There are no real consequences, just raw emotion of failing at something. You should experience failure so you know how it feels to fail, so you would try your best not to fail, and even if you do, you know how to handle failure. Failure should be celebrated as the norms of life. Life is full of risk. Experience teaches us what risk should be taken and which should be avoided. Calculated risk is not the same as pure gamble of luck. You should expect to fail, then only you would prepare to face your failure, if failure awaits. Failure is one way of telling that you’re not going the right direction. Fail now so you won’t fail when it matters the most, even if you do, you know how to handle them. As people say, prepare your best, expect the worst.”

I know this sounds a little (little??) preachy and dramatic. That’s why I wrote it here instead of telling this to my students. I’m not good at telling this verbally, I would die laughing instead, hehe.

If you call me ‘cikgu’ and you’re reading up to this paragraph, mark this post somewhere in your little fat between your ears.

Just sharing my 2cents

Cheers :D :D

p/s : I am a cruel teacher..wahaha


  1. Failing is a process of learning :)

  2. Anon :)..
    so true..but not many are willing to face included :(