Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elslinkus Springus Sket~ :D :D

Assalamualaikum J

Why teaching is one of the most rewarding profession? (For those who’re going to be teachers or are already in this profession or even those who think about being a teacher)

As an untrained teacher for about 7 months now, I found teaching to be a very satisfying job there is. You’re totally in control of your class. You are allowed to shape the students as you please (and with responsibility). You can ‘install’ your ideology to your students. You have people who would listen to your every words and that makes you responsible heavily for every words you utter. You can do anything and sometimes I do ‘abuse’ those privileges. Well, it’s hard to resist the temptation, haha.

For example, I taught my students about waves this week. I wrote on the white board the device I used to demonstrate the topic I was teaching that day. I wrote ‘Elslinkus Springus’ and I asked them to say it out loud, and they did. “Elslinkus Springus!!” they said confidently (perhaps they trust their teacher won’t trick them in any way..wahahaha). I promise you, if you’re their teacher that day, you won’t be able to hold your laugh when you make your students shout ‘Elslinkus Springus’ while what you showed them was a slinky spring.

Students, your innocence marvels me :D!

Teaching rocks :D :D

p/s – I did tell the students afterwards that the thing I was holding was a slinky spring and we had a good laugh :D

slinky spring aka elslinkus springus :p


  1. hahaha. reminds me to "3 idiots" where he used his friends' names to fool everyone in class and wrote in a scientific kinda sound.i guess it was farhanitrate or smthing. hahaha, anyway, it's good to use jokes to make your class merrier! thumbs up!

  2. To Anon:
    Ideally I wanna make physics entertaining and informative, not easy but will try my best to do so :D :D. Thanks for reading :D :D

  3. cikgu , klas mana y budak2 innocent habez tuu ? jngan kata 4O plak .

  4. To Anis comel (erk? mgaku comel?):

    No worries, I did the elslinkus springus thingy to my all 4 classes, which unfortunately means including 4O. Fair n square..hahaha